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This Career Center is provided to assist military job seekers in their military transition / civilian job search.

A military placement services recruiter is an essential part of your transition from the military. Outstanding recruiters do more than find you a job, they also provide career guidance. Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) is one of the best choices that you can make for military placement services - all of our candidate recruiters are former military, so we clearly understand the transition process.

Military Transition Timeline for Working with Recruiting Firms

  • Whether you are more than 120 days from your last day in the service, or are within the 120 day window, this timeline will help you prepare to find a civilian career.

Military Transition Job Seeker Blog

  • Military to Civilian job seeker advice

Learn How to Prepare a Military Resume

  • Click here to find the most important topics to consider when preparing your resume. Your resume is your ambassador in your transition from a military to civilian job.

Key Interviewing Tips

  • Your ability to interview will directly effect the number and quality of your job opportunities. Click here to learn tips that will help you interview more effectively.

ConferenceHire® Hiring Events

  • Click here to learn more about our hiring events and the ConferenceHire process.

BMI Career College for Candidates

  • In addition to the personalized attention of a BMI Candidate Recruiter and a multi-module training curriculum, BMI offers job seekers the BMI Career College to assist you in the military transition process.


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