Jobs for Transitioning Military Officers and Ex-Military Officers

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Bradley-Morris specializes in the placement of Junior Military Officers (JMOs) into careers that leverage JMOs' leadership, educational background and management skills.


As a transitioning military officer or an ex-military officer seeking employment in Corporate America, you will have the opportunity to pursue a career in fields such as engineering, technical management and operations.

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Why should you use Bradley-Morris instead of another recruiting firm?

  • The largest client base in the industry – BMI has conducted targeted searches for military-experienced candidates with over 5000 companies.
  • Hiring strategies tailored to the individual candidate - With many more national Hiring Conferences than our competitors as well as a streamlined direct placement approach, BMI is able to customize a transition plan for each individual candidate to ensure maximum exposure the top companies in corporate America.
  • Absolute preparation - The BMI team offers an unparalleled training program to ensure you are ready well in advance of when we present your first interview opportunities to you. Professionally-written resumes, in-depth training modules covering all aspects of the hiring process, and extensive interview coaching are just a few of the program's highlights.
  • Efficient and effective - At a Bradley-Morris Hiring Conference, you will only interview with companies which have available positions that meet your specifications. No other military placement firm offers this comprehensive yet flexible process.

Sample Testimonial: "I've worked with three different recruiting firms and Bradley-Morris is by far the most professional, hardest working, and caring of all three. I hear from my recruiter or account representative at least three times per week. They genuinely care about the placement of their candidates into top quality careers. The Hiring Conference was a booming success! I had eight interviews at the conference, and got seven call-backs for a second interview. I narrowed that down to my top three choices, and am currently in the process of setting up site visits at each of those locations."

- Joe Schreibeis, USMC Officer

What are the major industrial sectors into which BMI routinely places officers?

  • Manufacturing – companies that build something
  • Service – companies that service a product
  • Logistics – companies that store and distribute a product

There are many career options within these subsets, and throughout your career you will find yourself traveling through several of these as you climb the corporate ladder. Therefore, Bradley-Morris focuses on the right company fit for you rather than just the right job.

Within the right company, your job area could fall into the following common designations:

  • Engineering: Applications, quality control, maintenance and project management
  • Production supervision: Personnel management, as well as coordination of maintenance and production control
  • Logistics and distribution management: Oversight of transportation concerns and inventory control
  • Operations management: Supervision of personnel, scheduling, customer service and shipping and receiving

How do you get paid in Corporate America? JMO candidates are well compensated in the corporate sector. Your total pay and benefits package will vary with each company, but it is generally broken down into base salary, bonuses/incentives, and benefits:

  • Base pay or salary is a set amount that a company pays to an employee on an annual basis. It is sometimes augmented by shift differentials – different pay scales for working different shifts – in manufacturing companies.
  • Bonuses and incentives are paid as additional sources of income for managers and engineers, often for meeting performance goals as part of a team or division. Bonuses include signing bonuses, relocation bonuses, incentive bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and company cars/car allowances.
  • Benefits include but are not limited to medical and dental insurance, retirement savings, stock purchases, stock options, profit sharing, and merchandise/service discounts.