Candidate Testimonials regarding the Bradley-Morris Process for Finding Jobs for Former Military

Find out what other job seekers think about how effectively Bradley-Morris finds jobs for former military personnel. The comments below were taken directly from candidates who participate in Bradley-Morris Hiring Conferences, work with BMI's candidate recruiters to find the perfect job for their skill-set, geographic preference and experience and / or who are seeking jobs for former military.

(A partial listing of testimonials follows)

Bradley-Morris has shown me that there are options out there for veterans who have the drive and ambition to achieve any level of success. My upcoming transformation from camos to business suits is one that has me very excited…
Ekwensi Black, Application Specialist
Cardinal Health
Air Force, Avionics

Bradley-Morris was the absolute best experience. Transitioning to civilian life is stressful enough but having Bradley-Morris negotiate my employment was a blessing in disguise. They have a resume of Fortune 500 companies and I was fortunate enough to land with a company in the Fortune 100's "Best to work for". I highly recommend BMI as they definitely eased me through the transition and readied me for the next phase of my life. What a great experience - Try it!
John Callahan, Jr., Utilities Technician II
Roche Carolina, Inc.
Navy, Boiler Technician / Machinist

I have worked with Bradley Morris only three months…They were very helpful in transitioning back into the civilian world...The interview tips as well as guiding me into which jobs would be best suited for me were their strongest points. I can't thank these guys enough for helping me find a job that I will enjoy doing in a great location…
Bradly Canfield, Electrical Rebuild Technician
Infinity Rebuild Inc.
Marines, Aviation Electrician

Bradley-Morris did an outstanding job in lining me up for a great paying management position. Normally, when military managers retire they must start at an entry-level position and work their way up to management. Bradley-Morris helped me start at a level higher than could be achieved on my own. Your staff performed in an outstanding manner helping me.
Cree Cobb, Production Supervisor
Silgan Container Manufacturing
Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance

To the recruiters and staff at Bradley-Morris who supported me in my efforts to seek employment, you are simply the best! I am well pleased with the efforts of the employees at BMI. I would greatly recommend them for use by anyone seeking employment. Bradley-Morris is by far the most professional service that I have used in my search for employment. Bradley-Morris personnel and staff are dedicated and relentless in their efforts until you have found employment. I especially love the way they work behind the scenes to cross reference with each other in locating an employer / employee match. I’m definitely a satisfied customer.
Gene Loya, Maintenance Supervisor
Penske Truck Leasing
Army, Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic

Bradley-Morris is a great company that remained at the top of my list for finding a quality career. Everyone has friends and connections. I had a lot of irons in the fire, but BMI is the one that came through. The Hiring Conferences are top notch for putting candidates in front of quality companies - saving a lot of time for both parties. The honesty on the part of the BMI staff can not be surpassed. It was a blessing to have them in my corner and I am more than pleased with the outcome.
Steven Mason, Field Service Engineer
Barnard Construction
Army, Officer, Engineer

BMI is the best organization that I've dealt with on the placement of veterans. I can't say enough in reference to the professionalism that you display…I was very pleased with the Hiring Conference and the feedback. I have recommended about five veterans to your organization that I've met at other job fairs or recruiting conferences.
Don Mearidy, Field Engineer
Tetra Technologies
Army, Senior Communication Specialist

My experience with BMI was amazing. Within 30 days of initial contact from my Candidate Recruiter, I attended a Hiring Conference, had two site visits and accepted a job offer. The job I accepted was for a position and location that was not even advertised at the Hiring Conference. The interview went so well, Louisiana-Pacific offered me a job that they were not even planning on hiring for. All the BMI staff was extremely helpful. Keep up the good work and I will continue to recommend BMI to other military members.
Allen Sealock, Shift Supervisor
Louisiana-Pacific Corp.
Air Force, Officer, Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance

After many attempts to find a good job on my own, I went to Bradley-Morris for help. At my first conference, I met with companies I had never even thought to approach. I received three callbacks from companies interested in follow-up interviews. The company at the top of my list of possibilities followed up with a job offer $10,000 per year above what I was expecting. I am now singing the praises of Bradley-Morris to all of my friends, retired and active duty. Thanks BMI, you made a world of difference for me.
Joseph Sterling, Operations Supervisor
Caterpillar Inc.
Navy, Officer, Aviation Maintenance

I would encourage all transitioning military officers, particularly the combat arms, to contact Bradley-Morris as soon as they make the difficult decision to leave the service. Your leadership qualities and experiences are of great value to a lot of employers and Bradley-Morris will do an outstanding job putting great opportunities in front of you. I would not have had the same types of opportunities that were put before me had I decided to do the transition from military to civilian life on my own. Thank you.
Travis Van Hecke, Fast Track Manager
YRC Worldwide Inc.
Army, Officer, Field Artillery

BMI made everything about transitioning so much easier for me. I felt like we were working together for a future beneficial to both of us. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I hope my relationship with them continues to grow for years to come. Thanks!
Jim Worlein, Service Manager
Ingersoll-Rand Climate Control
Army, Signal Officer

Bradley-Morris was extremely helpful throughout the process of leaving the service. The people are what make the company great. They listen to your needs and wants, they help coach you in the ways of the business world. I ended up in a great job with a fantastic company. I never would have found this or any of the other opportunities that I interviewed for without BMI. I cannot say enough great things about my Candidate Recruiter or BMI. I would highly recommend this service to anyone leaving the military for the civilian world. They treated me like a person and friend, not a number.
Vincent Heeney, Construction Superintendent
Otis Elevator Company
Army, Officer, Military Intelligence

I have really been impressed with the whole Bradley Morris team. From the minute I started my search for a new career, Bradley-Morris was on top of my search. I have been out of the Navy for over five years and I initially wondered if Bradley-Morris could assist me, but they helped me land an awesome opportunity in the city I was already living in with great upside potential.
Andy Brinkmeier, VP Business Development
Oldcastle, Inc.
Navy, Officer, Nuclear

You guys are awesome! Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!
Christopher Muth, Field Service Engineer
Marines, Avionics Electronics Technician

BMI lived up to everything they said they would do. The staff at BMI is very good at what they do.
James Friley, Technical Associate
Rockwell Automation
Marines, Communication / Navigation

After working with the team at BMI, they are the only military recruiting firm I'll ever recommend. Their professionalism and knowledge was exceeded only by their willingness to help. I couldn't be happier with the company, location and position I recently accepted. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone at Bradley-Morris.
Joseph Ketchum, Production Supervisor
Akorn, Inc.
Air Force, Communications Officer

From start to finish, Bradley-Morris, Inc. was a friendly, available, professional organization that assisted and met every need along the path from de-mobilization to the work force. They were encouraging and informative about their Hiring Conference, my expectations, my interviewing feedback, post-interviewing procedures, and even tips on proper negotiating etiquette for salary and perks during final offer terms for my current position.
Aunisa Sandoval, Sales
Otis Elevator Company
Army, Officer, Engineer

After 21 years in the military, I was a little skeptical whether I would be able to land a job that could support my family. I heard all the horror stories from previous retirees who couldn't find a job before their terminal leave was up. What I found was that number one, you have to be willing to relocate. Number two, the skills learned in the military go a long way in the civilian sector. The things we as military personnel take for granted in our everyday routine are highly sought after by big companies. Now I needed to find a company that I thought would be able to use my skills. Bradley-Morris gave me that opportunity and pointed me in the right direction. The rest was up to me (that first impression really does count). I never dreamed that I could find the job that I did. I owe it all to the people at Bradley-Morris. They had the confidence in me, stood behind me and negotiated a great contract. I can now rest a little easier at night knowing that I can support my family. Thank you Bradley-Morris.
James Viviano, Supervisor / Facilitator
MRA Systems, Inc.
Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance

I can not thank Bradley-Morris enough. They called me out of the blue, wanting to help me. In two weeks time, they had put me in touch with an industry leader who was eager to hire me. I will surely recommend BMI to everyone I know.
Steven Talley, Customer Service Representative
Mitek Industries, Inc.
Air Force, Power Generation Equipment

As a retired military officer with industry experience, Bradley-Morris was invaluable in placing me in a workplace where military thinking and leadership is valued. I believe that's a vital first step in my future success.
Stephen Donnelly, Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Sealy Corporation
Navy, Surface Warfare Officer

Absolutely the best in this industry. No one else was even close. You guys make it look easy, but I know how hard you all work. Thanks.
Shannon Ritter, Field Service Technician
Navy, Nuclear Machinist’s Mate

I had not even been working with Bradley-Morris for three weeks when I received three suitable job offers. My recruiter and the consultants worked closely with me before, during, and after the Hiring Conference to make sure I got the position that I wanted. Thank you for making my transition to the civilian job market so smooth.
Tiziana Peterson, CSE
Navy, Electronics Technician

I conducted my own job search for four months before I contacted Bradley-Morris. I submitted my resume online for over fifty positions, attended numerous job fairs, and used my personal network to contact several high-level managers in companies I was interested in working for. For my effort, I received two face-to-face interviews for positions that didn't match my qualifications. Bradley-Morris introduced me to eight excellent opportunities, both in and out of conference, within six weeks of my contacting its recruiters. Without Bradley-Morris, I might have had to settle for an entry-level position. Instead, I am beginning a challenging and exciting career with an outstanding company. Thank you Bradley-Morris team!
Daniel Holt, Project Manager
AGFA Medical Imaging
Air Force, Officer, Acquisition Program Manager

I am very happy with my experience with Bradley-Morris. They genuinely care for each and every one of their candidates. The attention I was given was second-to-none. Of the ten quality companies that I interviewed with a conference, eight wanted me back for a second interview. Of the three that I accepted, all offered me a position. I would recommend them to any JMO leaving active duty.
Brian Regan, Six Sigma Black Belt
Air Force, Officer, Developmental Engineer

It’s been a pleasure working with Bradley-Morris. I recommend anyone getting out the military look them up. Their fast response and persistence will create the best opportunities for you.
William Pee, Technician
US Filter
Air Force, Aerospace Ground Equipment

After 22 years in the military, BMI took the difficulty and stress out of my family’s transition to the corporate world. The BMI staff coached, mentored, and refined my skills that changed my perspective on these interviews from a necessary evil to a fun and enjoyable experience. Throughout the interview and hiring process, BMI continually demonstrated that they were more interested in finding the right fit in a new career for me than plugging me into some job and getting a quick commission. My spouse also read the BMI material and knew exactly what to expect as I started down this transition road – it really eased her transition concerns. If you are looking to challenge yourself with something other than DoD contracting after military retirement, then I do know of no better way of achieving that goal than with the BMI professionals on your team. These folks have set me up for success in my second career.
Edward Jordan, Operations Supervisor
Caterpillar, Inc.
Army, Quartermaster Officer

The people I worked with at Bradley-Morris were very responsive to my shortened timeline to find a job. They were able to get me into a Hiring Conference quickly and allowed me to interview with many well-known companies. I found a company whose required skills matched those which I received in my experiences in the Army and now I am looking at starting my civilian career. Thank you Bradley-Morris!
Adria Cobeaga, Area Superintendent
Hensel Phelps Construction
Army, Engineer Officer

After searching for a job on my own, I started to believe that I might have to re-enlist just because I couldn't find a job. After attending the Bradley-Morris Hiring Conference, I had many positions to choose from. My family and I are grateful and I have recommended Bradley-Morris to all of my junior Marines who want to get out within the next year.
Jason Hammell, Field Service Representative
ABB Automation
Marines, Ground Radio

I was absolutely amazed at the quality of employers at the conference. I went from working day in and day out to find a job to spending my days trying to decide between them.
Timothy Locke, Area Manager
Hanover Compression
Navy, Electrician’s Mate

After 21 years in the Navy, I did not know what to expect and was having a hard time getting a response from anyone. I contacted Bradley-Morris and went to a Hiring Conference. I had 9 job interviews and 8 of them wanted a second interview with me. The hardest thing I had to do was to pick the best job for me. THANKS!
Donald Spring, Compressor Field Representative
Tate Engineering Systems, Inc.
Navy, Gas Turbine Mechanic

Everyone attending a Hiring Conference needs to listen to their Bradley-Morris rep. They do know what they are talking about. Be flexible. Do some research - this helped me out with my number one choice. I found out that I had used their equipment in the past so when the interview started, I was asked if I recognized any of their equipment. I said “yes” and the interview kept getting better and better. The only person that will hold you back from getting a job is you.
Kevin Winters, Quality Engineer
Bauer, Inc.
Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance

Bradley-Morris is an outstanding company who truly cares about the corporations they represent and the job seekers they represent. My experience with BMI was amazing and I would recommend them to anyone seeking an exciting career after the military.
Jonathan Hicks, Store Manager
ICI Paints
Marines, Helicopter Mechanic

I was almost resigned to taking any job upon my end of service. Bradley-Morris came through, and I now have a direction in my career. This was especially helpful considering I have a family to take care of. I would highly recommend Bradley-Morris to my fellow Marines.
Timothy Evans, Engineering Technician 1
Marines, Electronics / Radar

From my initial contact and throughout the process, Bradley-Morris was a class act. Their concern for my future and finding the best place for me to begin my second career never wavered. Every employee showed great interest in my family's desired location and type of job. I highly recommend Bradley-Morris to any military member who is looking to make the transition into the business world.
Michael Patterson, Project Engineer
Air Force, Officer, Pilot

BMI made the transition smooth. I attended one conference and was guided by client representatives on how to best capitalize on my opportunities. I am now with a Fortune 50 company with tremendous room to grow and opportunities for advancement.
Phillip Reeves, Executive Team Leader
Target Corporation
Marines, Officer, Logistics

Attending Bradley-Morris' Hiring Conference was the best decision that I made during my search for a post-military career. The quality and number of opportunities available at the conference definitely made it worth it. I was able to choose from several promising opportunities which is a great position to be in. I owe my new career to the professionalism and efforts of the Bradley-Morris team.
Brandon Nickel, Maintenance Engineer
Air Force, Officer, Engineer

I have used many recruiting firms, but my experience with BMI has been the most successful, classy, and persistent. They helped me find a great job with an outstanding company.
William Rothenbach, Customer Service Representative
Mobile Access Networks
Air Force, Aviation Maintenance

Everyone from Bradley-Morris was extremely professional, timely and courteous. My recruiter did an excellent job of matching my interests to relevant interviews. Within 3 weeks of the conference, I accepted an engineering position from my #1 ranked company! The relationships the account representatives have with each company is priceless. This experience was a great way for me to see a variety of options, while the BMI team helped me feel more comfortable moving from a military environment to a career in the corporate world. Thanks, Bradley-Morris, for burrowing through the trivial and providing world-class opportunities from responsive companies!
Preston Pulley, Supplier Quality Engineer
Stryker Instruments
Air Force, Officer, Financial Management

I was very impressed with the quick turn around time with Bradley Morris. It wasn't even a month that I had been working with them and I was interviewed and offered a position as a Director of Service with GE Healthcare. The BMI account representative was always very professional and honest, telling me about the ups/downs of the process. All in all I was very pleased. Thank you for all your help! I would and will recommend you for others making the transition from military to civilian life.
Danielle Carosello, Service Excellence Program and Service Manager
GE Healthcare
Army, Officer, Healthcare Operations

I have (and will continue to) recommend Bradley-Morris to anyone considering transitioning out of the military. All of my buddies were amazed at how smooth my transition has been. I was able to continue working my current job, and give the proper amount of attention to my job search because the candidate recruiters were so involved. Following the conference, the company reps were amazing. They coordinated visits and handled all of the negotiations. All I had to do was show up and nail the interview.
James Shupe, Production Materials Planner
Danaher Industrial Controls
Army, Officer, Aviator

BMI was great to work with! They are very professional, responsive and easy to work with. No pressure tactics. They provided good up-front and honest information!
Greg Snow, Buyer
V & M Star
Air Force, Officer, Acquisitions

After serving in the Air Force for 24 years, I was finding it challenging to secure a good job with a company that could use my technical skills. After having no success, I contacted Bradley-Morris and was amazed at all the employment opportunities they had to offer me. Your account representatives and candidate recruiters work extremely hard finding me a position not only in the area I wanted to live, but one that would allow me to apply my technical background. Your team always had time to answer all my questions and made me feel that I was their #1 priority. Thanks for making my transition into the corporate world so much smoother.
Terry Shore, Western Area Service Manager
ITT Flygt
Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance

I am very excited to begin my career in manufacturing in the city of my choice with such a great company such as PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. I do not think that this would have been possible without the help of the Bradley-Morris team. Not only did Bradley-Morris work to find me a position in San Jose (2,500 miles from where I am currently stationed), but they also set me up with interviews for the career field of my choice.
Jason Cooper, Production Supervisor
Army, Field Artillery Officer

After being a candidate of Bradley Morris ten years ago, I recommend to all that I know who are separating to utilize this company. I had more job offers from one conference than I had responses in searching on my own for four months. As an employer I have always been able to find the right candidate for my hiring needs at the conferences. I have never been shut out nor have I ever been disappointed in the performance of those I have hired.
Steve Berkebile, Castleberry Foods, Engineering/Maintenance Manager

The first month of my new career is almost completed and it is going great. I had no lapse for income or benefits. I am writing policies, implementing change, and about to start hiring people to my team. It was a great experience working with you all and Bradley-Morris in general. Once again, I thank you for the opportunity. And please give my regards to your team. They were great in giving me feedback and information.
Jason N. Taylor, KB-Home, DUP Manager
Air Force, Logistics Planning / Transportation

From my first call with Bradley-Morris my mind was set at ease. They were professionals from the beginning until the end. I developed a friendship with my recruiter and will keep in touch with him through the years. I was nervous about getting out of the Army before the process started, but Bradley-Morris made it easy every step of the way. I am excited about the job I've selected and I can't wait to start.
Jamie Walkmeyer, Tamko Roofing Products, HR Manager
Army, Engineer

I have looked at other recruiting firms but Bradley-Morris is, hands down, the best military recruiting firm. They help you in resume development and for interviewing success. They coach you in salary negotiation. They have opportunities from skilled labor to high-end executive jobs....If you are getting out of the military and looking for that home run, go with Bradley Morris. You cannot be disappointed.
William Wilkins Jr., VP Customer Service, Metalforming, Inc.
Navy. Submarine Officer

My experience with Bradley-Morris was beyond all expectations. Everyone I worked with was extremely helpful and answered any questions on the spot. I would recommend Bradley-Morris to anyone.
Tamara Luckemeyer, Freescale Semiconductor, Manufacturing Supervisor
Air Force, Security Forces

Great company! Consultants are easy to work with and always accessible. THEY LISTEN to what YOU want and the job YOU are looking for. No question is too small for them to answer. If you are a professional and a go-getter, this is company for you. They will work hard at finding you the right job, in the right location and at the right time.
Jay Jacobs, Target Corporation, Operations Group Leader
Army, Ordnance

I can't say enough about the entire staff at BMI. They worked with me around my schedule to ensure that I received the best possible combination of exposure and offers from several quality companies that I might never have otherwise been exposed to. The best thing about the entire BMI process was the fact that they greatly sped up my job search and allowed me to avoid much of the "dead time" that usually occurs when waiting for a company to contact you after you send them a resume.
Steven Bohlken, Bolthouse Farms, Inc., Production Supervisor
Air Force, Security Forces

Bradley-Morris is willing to put you in the driver's seat with the best companies in the US.You just have to listen and absorb the driving lesson they will give you. They are highly skilled and motivated professionals who look for only one thing-to set you up for success.
Recie Medlock, Univar USA, Operations Supervisor
Army, Engineer, Management

My experience with Bradley-Morris has been wonderful. The BMI staff performed wonderfully and really did a great job of helping place me in the profession of my choice. I arrived at the conference uncertain of the outcome. When construction management with KB Homes was offered at the BMI conference in Atlanta, I jumped at the idea of taking a job that wasn't behind a desk but was out in the field. The job paid equivalent to my O-3 pay. I was amazed how Bradley-Morris continually followed-up with me to see how I was progressing. NONE OF THE OTHERS CALLED ME AS MUCH AS BRADLEY-MORRIS TO KEEP ME INFORMED... I LOVED IT. Everything in the end came together and I was placed with a job, in the location of my choice, and it was the kind of work I was looking for. Thanks again Greg and Tina!
Bejan Nouri, KB Home, Construction
Navy, Surface Warfare

Bradley-Morris provides information to give you the edge over other job hunters. But even greater than that, they get you face to face with employers which is the greatest challenge when searching for a job. Bradley-Morris made my transition from the military to the civilian work-force easy.
Daren Bergeron, Thyssen-Krupp Gerlach Company
Forge Team Member
Navy, Electronics Technician

Just a few short weeks ago I was still on an overseas deployment with no job lined up and a great deal of uncertainty about my future. Three weeks later, I have accepted a position that I love with a great company. Thanks to Bradley-Morris my transition was easy. After attending one of their hiring conferences, I was no longer in doubt as to whether I would find a good career but simply trying to decide which great opportunity to choose! BMI's friendly and knowledgeable candidate recruiters and account reps were extremely generous with their time in helping me through this important crossroads, and they greatly reduced the stress and anxiety of my transition. I would strongly recommend BMI to anyone leaving military service. Thanks for everything!
Stephen Binni, SKF Reliability Systems
Associate Reliability Specialist
Navy, Nuclear Electrician's Mate

Bradley-Morris goes above and beyond. The staff is a highly motivated group that works with a teamwork mentality, pooling together all of its resources to find the perfect fit for each and every candidate. I highly recommend their services to every veteran.
Andrew McCain, DeWolff, Boberg & Associates, Staff Associate
Marines, Aviation Instrument Technician

Bradley-Morris is an excellent service. I began working with them 6 months before my terminal leave began. From the very beginning they were very helpful and informative. I received many interviews, resume writing guidance, and overall job hunting tips by way of email and conversations with the recruiters. I was offered a job for $5K more than I was shooting for in the location and field that I wanted. I would like to extend a special thanks to the BMI staff for their hard work and dedication. I couldn't have done it without them. Thanks again and I will be recommending BMI to as many people as I can.
Erich Rohwer, Johnson and Johnson, Field Engineer
Coast Guard, Electronics Technician

Thank you Bradley-Morris for easing my transition into the civilian community! In recruiting excellence, you are NUMBER ONE!
Arjay Castillo, Jr., Computer Protection Technology, Field Service Technician
Navy, Electronics Technician - Nuclear Field

Bradley-Morris personnel did an outstanding job identifying and providing great opportunities matching my military experiences. They really helped me to prepare for the interview process. I felt that I made friends at Bradley-Morris.
Joe Winkelmann, W.G. Yates Construction, Bus. Dev. Manager
Army, Field Artillery, Air Traffic Control

Bradley-Morris facilitated a seamless transition to the commercial work force for me. They gave me the freedom to choose my next career by providing number of great employment opportunities. The talented and extremely motivated staff ensured that I was ready to win every interview and decide my own path.
Greg Caggiano, Aspen Aerogels, Inc., Program Manager
Air Force, Communications and Information

I was extremely happy after working with Bradley-Morris. Right from the start, my candidate recruiter was able to help me formulate my resume and answer all my questions. After one career conference, 6 companies were interested in me. I am now about to start a job with a great company with a starting salary in the area that I want to work. I've recommended Bradley- Morris to all of my friends because they are by far the best military placement firm out there. William Harrison, Consolidated Edison, Operating Supervisor
Army, Field Artillery

Working with BMI was a refreshing experience. I noticed from the start that the honesty made me feel very comfortable. I was treated as an individual and my opportunities were based on my needs and preferences. I'm delighted to have worked with such a great group of professionals. I recommend that everyone getting out of the military take the time to find out what BMI has to offer.
John Watson, Owens Corning, Maintenance Supervisor
Army, Armor

The BMI staff went out of their way to get me the job and location that I wanted. I had a very positive and professional experience!
Casey Terrell, Consolidated Edison (Gas), Operating Supervisor
Army, Armor/Cavalry Executive Officer

I spent 5 years in the Marines working as an electrician on aircraft. Once I got out of the military I thought I did not have enough experience for a good paying non-aviation job, but Bradley-Morris found a great job for me as a field service engineer. It pays for my school and offers me a whole new and promising career.
George Kashouh, Tokyo Electron, Field Service Engineer
Marines, Avionics

BMI is by far the best recruiting agency out there. No other agency provides the quality service BMI provides. I thank everyone for their hard work. Thanks to BMI I got the job that I wanted. I highly recommend BMI to anyone leaving the military. They really understand what it is like to transition from military to civilian. Thanks BMI!
Gabriel Espada, Trane, Field Service Technician
Navy, Engineman

Outstanding effort done by all BMI recruiters from initial contact, through site visits and to offer package.
Gary Stelzel, Panasonic Automotive, Business Unit Manager
Navy, Pilot

Bradley-Morris is the reason I found such a great job. They made the whole process easier, and the results were great. Thank you Bradley-Morris!
Isaac Combs, Datalog Technology, Field Technician
Army, Radio/Communications Security Repair

There are not words for the admiration I have for your entire group of Recruiters and what you have done for my career. Thank you so much for your efforts. A very thankful customer I will remain.
Craig D. Vinson, Ferguson Enterprises, XpressNet Supervisor
Navy, Senior Chief Petty Officer

No other military placement firm works half as hard as Bradley-Morris does. Bradley-Morris did five times as much follow-up work. The BMI staff went to extraordinary lengths to find work for me while I was still overseas in Korea. No other recruiting firm did that!
Julie Pulley, Home Depot, Logistics Analyst
Army, Quartermaster

Bradley-Morris puts its candidates first. They will ensure that your goals are met and exceed your expectations. A great source for those who are transitioning out of the military.
Steven Lyons, GE Zenith Controls, Field Service Engineer
Navy, Nuclear Power

Working with Bradley-Morris was the best decision that I made when transitioning from military service to the private sector. Their staff was professional and honestly cared about me and my desires for job type and location. They worked to find just the right job and location for me. I would recommend them to anyone making the transition back to the private sector after a successful military career.
David Brumit, Owen-Illinois, Gage Mechanic
Navy, Nuke Machinist Mate

I was very impressed with Bradley-Morris. From the first phone call, I was given the information that I needed. The overall customer service was outstanding, and I would recommend Bradley-Morris to anyone.
Trey Burrows, Centex Homes, Field Manager
Air Force, Logistics Plans and Contracting

Bradley-Morris scheduled 8 interviews for me during the conference. I truly could see myself working at any of the positions that I interviewed for. I had a hard time breaking anyone out of the top five positions after the conference and chose to follow-up with all five. The consultant I worked with and the other representatives worked diligently to schedule follow-up interviews. I managed five site visits within 10 days after the conference and was able to have three offers to choose from.
David Ausbrooks, Westinghouse Electric Co., Project Engineer
Navy, Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer

Everyone was always willing to help me and found time to follow-up on a daily/weekly basis. A+ to the BMI staff for going over and beyond the call of duty to help a Veteran find the perfect career.
John Barbare, Peter Kiewitt Sons, Project / Field Engineer
Army, Technical Engineer Specialist

Based on my experience, I believe BMI pursued every angle possible to find me a position. Being hired on with Peabody-Energy and Black Beauty Coal Company is a great opportunity for advancement and establishing a career that will carry me into the future.
Justin Pearce, Peabody Energy, Mechanic
Marines, Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Bradley-Morris did an exceptional job of matching me to potential employers. Their continued follow-up showed a genuine concern and dedication to me as a Bradley-Morris candidate. They worked hard to assist me in finding a quality employer that met my goals.
Brian Heinsius, Kennecott Energy Co., Maintenance Planner
Army, Combat Engineer

Bradley-Morris truly stood by their word to make this a life-changing experience positive. Your resume reviews, interview counseling, top civilian company interview prospects and follow-up with your clients make BMI the top agency to help you transition into civilian life.
Joseph Mercurio, Loomis Fargo & Company, Branch Manager
Reserves, Logistics

Bradley-Morris did excellent work in helping me get my new job. They encouraged me during the time we worked together, especially as my separation date approached. All of their recruiters worked as professionals and didn't make me feel as though I was just one of many candidates. Instead they took the time to understand my needs/wants and became familiar with me. I enjoyed my time with them and would recommend them to everyone. I accepted a job offer on the day of my separation. Bradley-Morris did that...nobody else did!
Derek Neiswender, Quebecor World, Facilities Operations Tech.
Navy, Nuclear Mechanic/Engineering Laboratory Technician

I recommend BMI to any military professional (Officer or Enlisted) who is serious about transitioning into a top notch company in the civilian sector. I thank the people at BMI for their assistance. It truly was an outstanding and enjoyable experience that produced amazing results!
Joseph B. Owens, Penske Corporation, Service Manager
Air Force, Aircraft Maintenance / Crew Chief

I was not prepared for things such as resume preparation, interview skills, where to find companies that fit my experience and career desires. Bradley-Morris guided me through these and much more. The feeling of confidence you gave me allowed me to receive several offers from great companies. Having accepted an offer, I only hope to be able to grow with the company and use BMI in the future when I rise to a hiring authority.
Jason Thomas, Ryan Building Group, Superintendent
Army, Engineer Officer

Forget about the job search engines and forget about settling for less; Bradley-Morris knows what you are truly worth to the big companies out there. Bradley-Morris is not only the key to the door of success, but they provide the expert guidance and relentlessness like no other company does. I will always appreciate Bradley-Morris for helping me get the position that I wanted with the company I wanted, not to mention in the city that I love.
Timothy Jakab, Pepsi Bottling Group, Inventory Control
Marines, Avionics

Bradley-Morris does it better than anybody. Whether I'm out there looking or in there hiring, my first and only phone call will be to Bradley-Morris. Keep up the good work!
Harry Neidig, REHAU, Production Engineer
Army, Engineer Team Chief

I would recommend Bradley-Morris to anyone transitioning out of the military. This was a very difficult decision, and the BMI staff made my transition stress about 100% less. He ensured me that everything would work out - he was right. My candidate recruiter only presented me with opportunities that he thought I was interested in and were a good fit for me. I am thrilled at the opportunities that are ahead of me in my new career. The BMI staff were completely professional and always kept me completely informed. Bradley-Morris is truly the way to go when getting out of the military. Thank you and keep in touch.
Lance Addison, Blockbuster Textiles, Plant Production Manager
Army, Aircraft Armament/Avionics/Electrical Repair

I can't say enough good things about BMI and what your company did for me. I've been talking to many of my friends, who are thinking about making the transition into corporate America, and telling them about everything BMI has to offer. My wife and I are excited about the opportunities ahead with Mallinckrodt.
Steve Rolenc, Mallinckrodt, Manager Imaging Customer Service
Air Force, Public Affairs

Bradley-Morris exceeded my expectations. Their professional and hard-working associates were never "too busy" to take a moment to assist me or drop a valuable word of advice. Their comprehensive interview preparation enabled me to accept a position with an international construction corporation. Thank you for helping to make my transition from the military smooth and seamless.
Daniel Dutilly, KB Home, Land Acquisition Manager
Army, Armor/Cavalry Officer

I am forever grateful for the outstanding service that Bradley-Morris provided to me. Their professionalism is what makes BMI so strong and successful. I will definitely recommend Bradley-Morris to all my co-workers and friends. Thank you for helping me find a good job with a great company.
Jose Bonilla, Aramark Uniform Services, District Manager Trainee
Army, Brigade Maintenance Manager

From the moment that I started speaking with my career advisor, I knew Bradley-Morris was the military placement agency for me. They were very professional, and they gave me the tips and tools that I needed in order to improve my interviewing skills. Unlike other military placement agencies, Bradley-Morris began prepping me for potential job interviews from the moment I started. Bradley-Morris is the 1st military placement agency you should seek out.
Anthony McGlone, Pepsi Bottling Group, Product Availability Supervisor
Army, Signal Officer

Your service was invaluable. Bradley-Morris takes great pride in putting the candidate in front of the right company. They are not afraid to "expand" your boundaries and have you interview for a position which you personally might have not considered yourself qualified for. You have a strong team of pure professionals - I will recommend you to my peer group. Thanks for all your help!
Riley Smith, Allied Waste, Supervisor
Navy, Aviation Storekeeper/Supply/Logistics

The Bradley-Morris staff was very professional, courteous and responsive. The BMI staff's assessment of my versatile skills and leadership capabilities paid dividends. I would like to thank the Bradley- Morris staff for their tireless dedication and professional career advice. They provided the appropriate career opportunities and visibility which I could not uncover during my career search. Thanks!
Percy Williams, Viking SupplyNet, Warehouse Manager Marines, Intelligence Analyst

Separating from the Navy was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever made. Bradley-Morris was with me every step of the way. I never imagined finding the perfect job that was just the right fit for me, but Bradley-Morris found it and helped me get hired!
Jonathan Ross, Hines, Assistant Property Manager
Navy, Surface Warfare Officer

Bradley-Morris definitely deserves to be called 'best of the best'. I tried to get a job on my own but had no luck and was beginning to wonder if I had the skills to make it in the civilian world. Bradley-Morris not only found a job for me that was perfect for my skill-set but one with great pay and benefits! I know I'll enjoy my new job. Thanks so much!
Jonathan Oxendine, Mannington Wood Floors, Shift Supervisor
Army, Field Artillery Officer

I was very impressed with everyone that I worked with at Bradley-Morris. My recruiter was always a pleasure to talk to, and he was always interested in finding me the job that was best for me. Communication was great! He was readily available and always gave positive feedback. I also had the opportunity to work with a great account representative, and he was a tremendous help. He coordinated my interviews with Target and was there to answer any questions. Between the two of them, I was able to find a great job - I am excited about my new career in the civilian world. I would recommend Bradley-Morris to any qualified client!
Michelle Krause, Target Corporation, Operations Group Leaders
Army, Signal Officer

First and foremost, I would like send a warm thank you to the BMI team . They were extremely helpful with me landing my job at Tran Source, Inc. The dedication and professional manner the Bradley-Morris staff displayed was key in my successful hiring. If you are ex-military and looking for people to help you find a job, Bradley- Morris is the premier recruiting firm.
Michael Shy, Transource, Inc., Warehouse Supervisor
Air Force, Ordnance

You do the leg work so we don't have to! So many of us want to give our very best until the end of our service and, in the end, we transition unprepared. Your service overcomes that, so with a good resume in hand, you all do the rest! Thanks so much! I'll stay in touch!
Fonda Mosal, Pepsi Bottling Group Corporate Marketing Equipment Mgmt (MEM) Designate Program
Army, Logistics

Bradley-Morris made it very easy for me to find a job while transitioning out of the Navy. The staff worked very hard to find the best job for me. I would and have recommended Bradley- Morris to all of my shipmates.
Ryan Chapman, Amcor Pet Packaging, Maintenance Mechanic
Navy, Machinist Mate

I would definitely recommend Bradley-Morris to any officer wishing to start a new career in the private sector. All the representatives I worked with were true professionals that had only one common goal: getting me a job that suited my skills and interests. All the companies that I interviewed with at the BMI Hiring Conference were stable companies with strong growth and great potential for the future. The representatives that I worked with were with me throughout the entire job-search process; from my first phone call, getting feedback on my interests, to congratulating me on accepting a job offer.
Anthony Margiotta, Tamko Roofing Products, Material Manager
Army, Armor

I have a wife and five kids, and I am retiring from the military. I was nervous about getting a job. I went on-line and signed up with Bradley-Morris. A recruiter called me and started walking me through the job process. He even helped me with my resume. I went to off-conference job interviews and to the BMI Hiring Conference in Chicago. They prepped me for the interviews, which helped me greatly, because these were the first interviews in my life. I went to four interviews on Monday. On my way home, I received a telephone call from Bradley-Morris telling me that all the companies that I had an interview with wanted to see me again. Bradley-Morris told me what to wear for each interview and gave me advice on how to conduct myself. I guess it works because each company made me an offer. It felt good to have options. I'd like to say thanks to all the recruiters from Bradley-Morris.
Saul Rivera, Engineered Glass Products, Production Supervisor
Army, Vehicle Mechanic

The BMI staff were both a great help with the whole hiring experience. They assisted me during the entire process -- with my resume writing, tips on interviews, providing information about the company and were great at following-up after an interview. Thanks for helping me get an awesome job!
Sandra Garfinkel, GAF Materials Corporation, QA Rep.
Marines, Avionics Technician