Corporate Client Testimonials regarding Bradley-Morris and Military Hiring


Find out what other companies think about our military hiring process and our recruiting services. The below comments are from employers who have been advised by BMI on military hiring, participated in Bradley-Morris Hiring Conferences and / or worked with our consultants to find the perfect candidates for their open positions.

(A partial listing of testimonials follows)

Bradley-Morris has a great talent pool, and the candidates are well-matched to PBG's needs.
Greg Hamburg, HQ Operations Manager
Pepsi Bottling Group

Our account representative is a true professional. I sincerely believe that they are not just trying to place a person. They care about our company and make sure we get the right person for our position.
Tony Gabel, Human Resources Manager
United States Gypsum Company

I was very impressed with the candidates that we interviewed. They demonstrated excellent character and potential. Bradley-Morris ran this conference in a professional manner - well done! Thanks.
Darrell Boyll, O&M Manager
Mirant Sugar Creek, LLC

I continue to be pleased with the level of customer service received from our account representative. They are very aware of our changing climate and make every effort to meet our hiring needs. We are a smaller company, and I'm sure, one of their smaller clients. Most importantly, they do not treat us as a small account.

I'm very appreciative of the excellent customer service provided. Your knowledge of our company and our hiring requirements is one reason we have stayed with Bradley-Morris. Our account representative's involvement in the process and their quick feedback from candidates enhances our ability to move quickly with our selection process.
Pam Snyder, HR Director
ComSonics, Inc.

It was a great experience for me and a honor to interview these candidates. Thanks!
Richard A Withers, Senior Maintenance Engineer
Peabody Energy

The Bradley-Morris hiring conference was the best event that I have experienced in quite some time. The coordinators provided qualified and motivated candidates to fill our open positions. The pool of candidates are the finest service personnel in our country, and I was completely satisfied and impressed with every candidate interviewed.  Thank you so much Bradley-Morris.
Jeff Evans, Maintenance Lead
Bechtel National

It has been a very long time since I have seen the level of positive attitude the applicants had.  I was very impressed!
Aaron Spielman, Electrical Planner
Kennecott Energy/Gillette Wyoming

It was an outstanding Hiring Conference and well organized. The staff and applicants handled themselves in a professional way. The applicant match up (skill set) was very good.
David Baggett, Supervisor Employee Relations
Electric Energy, Inc.

When you hire officers, you get skills that are difficult to teach. You get leadership and management skills; you get some level of technical aptitude; you get patience and the ability to endure; you do not have to teach them how to dress; and you do not have to teach them the importance of relationships at higher levels. What you do get are people that are ready to play. We can teach them our industry because that has to happen despite whom you hire. However, the other skills are much more difficult to find in one package.
Sacha Marcroft, Western Regional Manager
Minarik Corp.

I thought your conference was well organized. This was our first conference, and I am glad that we attended.
Stacey Jean, Senior HR Associate
Nordson Corporation

Excellent pool of prospects! All of our new hires for the past year have come from Bradley-Morris.
David Robinson, Project Manager
Aqualine Resources, Inc.

The best, by far, of any personnel procurement event that I have attended - it was very efficient and effective!
David Tweedie, Regional Manager
Fru-Con Construction Corporation

We hired a candidate at our plant from the January Atlanta conference. He is doing an outstanding job and even within his first couple of weeks on the job, he accomplished things in production that had not been done before.  He didn't even know our business or processes yet, but it was purely leadership on his part coming through - that is one of the reasons why we came to Bradley-Morris to find great leaders for our company.
Jim Keane, Manager, Manufacturing Recruiting
American Woodmark Corporation

Out of the ten candidates interviewed, I would have hired all but one. Bradley-Morris did a great job in meeting the profile objective.
Doug Alger, Total Service Manager

This was my first experience with a Hiring Conference. I was able to interview more perspective employees in eight hours than I could have imagined. The personnel at Bradley-Morris were professional and very accommodating. I look forward to using their service again.
Gerald Drury, Operation Supervisor

The process from start to finish was professional, simple and very well executed. I found the people that I was looking for. I highly recommend Bradley-Morris!
David Tonner, VP

I was extremely pleased and impressed with our Account Representative and the people he found for us to interview. I enjoyed working with Bradley-Morris. We had initially tried to find quality candidates on our own with nowhere near the success we had with BMI. In addition, I'm pleased at the opportunity to help our military personnel transition back into the civilian workforce. We appreciate all your help and look forward to working with you in the future.
Christopher Kanaby, Regional Sales Manager
Rees Scientific Corporation

With the help of Bradley-Morris, I am sure I will be able to expand the field service team for Rees Scientific. Thank you for all your help.
Edward D. Zilla, Southeast Regional Service Manager
Rees Scientific Corp.

I've hired a JMO to fill a shift leader using the Bradley-Morris group and have been very pleased with the individual's performance. His poise, self-confidence and "natural" leadership skills in a difficult environment is what brought me back to Bradley-Morris when another position opened up.
Brian Lockhart, Operations Manager

I walked away with seven candidates to present to my hiring team. This was weeks worth of work done in one day!
Brooke McCown, Recruiter
Gap Inc.

From past hiring experience with Bradley-Morris, we found that the quality of candidates is exceptionally high and match our industry requirements of: reliability, dedication, readiness / availability, honesty and good technical aptitudes. They are the best type of employees that I have seen in the industry for many years. 
John Toureilles, Service Manager
Hitec Power Protection, Inc.

This was the best Hiring Conference that I have been to. The quality of candidates could not have been better.
Michael Rentz, Commercial Service Manager
Alban Engine Power Systems

I appreciated the flexibility of the candidates and the hustle of the BMI staff - it enabled us to conduct same-day second interviews with our top choices.
David Gile, Fulfillment Center Manager
Dell Inc.

My experience with your company was just outstanding. I was very impressed with both the representatives of Bradley-Morris and each and every candidate that I interviewed. Congratulations to you on such an outstanding company!
Mark Hutson, Vice President
Gus Berthold Electric

I had a great experience.  All of your personnel are true professionals.
Robert Whalen, VP of Commercial Development
The McKee Group

Please tell your staff that I really appreciate the extremes they went through to schedule such a well organized Hiring Conference.
Thomas Clary, Jr., Maintenance Supervisor
Titanium Metals Corporation

I was pleased to spend the time with so many talented and energetic high achievers.  Virtually all of them will be welcome additions to any organization depending on current need and job requirements.  The individuals that we selected to pursue further are bound to impress the executives who will next speak to them. I also commend your account representative for their tightly run logistics and responsiveness to our company's needs, as we entered the event at the eleventh hour and received high quality accommodations.
Dwayne Jackson, Human Resources Manager
Sikorsky Aircraft

I was originally placed out of the Army seven years ago through Bradley-Morris. I enjoyed being on the opposite side this time and having the opportunity to meet with the candidates. It was a very positive experience!
Eileen Drake, Vice President, Quality
Pratt and Whitney

As always, the candidates were top-notch.  They seemed to be well briefed on the position that I had to offer. Overall, it was a good experience.
Terry C. See, Project Manager
Accu-Sort Systems, Inc.

As a candidate I made use of various placement companies, but I was most impressed with Bradley-Morris.  When it came time for me to hire, there was only one choice - BMI.  Nobody does it better!
Harry G. Neidig, III, Operations Manager

The candidates were much better prepared than other companies that I have seen.
Jamie Beck, General Manager

The candidates we met with were a great match for what we are looking for.  In fact, for the first time since I have been with the company, we have too many solid candidates for our opening...what a great problem to have! Thank you!
Heather Jones, HR Manager
Spectrum Brands

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, people skills and qualifications of every single candidate that I had the opportunity to interview.
Alejandro Coy, Technical Manager
Weatherford Int.

The potential of the candidates was outstanding.  The pre-selection screening process helped with the overall interview process, streamlining it so that we would not waste our time talking to candidates who were not interested in a manufacturing operations environment and vice versa.
Curt Maszun, Director of Manufacturing
Sealy, Inc. (Richmond Plant) 

Your company provided professional, quality candidates. Both the Hiring Conference Coordinator and Account Rep were able to make last minute changes to accommodate the needs of our organization. We have discussed utilizing Bradley-Morris for future positions. It appears during this conference that we found the very candidate we were looking for.  Thank you!
George Larimore, Recruiting Specialist
Ingersoll-Rand Climate Control Americas

Our account representative does an outstanding job! They are professional and make every attempt to understand our needs -- demanding as we are!
Mary Bradley, Recruiter

The Hiring Conference far exceeded my expectations. It was extremely well organized and the candidates were exceptional. A day well spent.
Connie Gorz, Sr. HR Generalist
Cabot Corporation

BMI did a fantastic job in walking us through the hiring process. You found very strong candidates that matched exactly what we were looking for.  We even flew out of O'Hare on time - a true accomplishment!
Heather Jones, Human Resources Manager
Spectrum Brands

We interviewed nine candidates for Maintenance supervisory/ management positions within our Company.  All of the candidates possessed the experience levels that we were looking for.  Of the nine we interviewed, we are interested in pursuing further conversations/interviews with five or six of them.
Terry Keen, Human Resources Manager
Nationwide Equipment Provider

I felt the process was well planned and ran professionally.
Brian White, Technical Coordinator-Cereal Packaging
General Mills, Inc.