Post Military Career Jobs for Military Technician Supervisors

Below you will find examples of post military career jobs for military technician supervisors and military technicians that enlisted job seekers found via Bradley–Morris’ no–cost service. Note: All salaries are base salaries, i.e., they do not include other compensation such as overtime, car allowances, etc.

  • Field Service Engineer, Chicago, IL, $65,000 (+OT) – Missile Technician, E4
  • Mechanic, Columbus, OH, $37,440 (+OT) – Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, E5
  • Fleet Manager, Houston, TX, $62,500 – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Mechanic, E7
  • Equipment Technician, Atlanta, GA, $44,720 (+OT) – Helicopter Mechanic, E5
  • Electrical Maintenance Inspector, Albany, NY, $68,000 – Avionics, E5
  • Production Management Trainee, Fort Madison, IA, $75,600 – Aerospace Maintenance, E5
  • Maintenance Mechanic, Boston, MA, $52,000 (+OT) – Crew Chief, E5
  • Field Service Engineer I, Orlando, FL, $55,000 (+OT) – Power Production/ Generation, E4
  • Maintenance Technician, Dickson, TN, $37,440 (+OT) – Aviation Electronics, E5
  • Machinery Technician, Tampa, FL, $37,440 (+OT) – Plant Operator Trainee, E4
  • Quality Engineer, Boston, MA, $62,000 – Aviation Electrical Technician (AET), E5
  • Customer Support Engineer, San Francisco, CA, $52,000 (+OT) – Electronics Technician (ET), E8
  • Maintenance Supervisor, Philadelphia, PA, $65,000 – Automotive Mechanic/ Maintenance, E5
  • Control Technician, Huntington Beach, CA, $52,000 (+OT) – Utilities, E6
  • Field Service Engineer, Raleigh, NC, $62,400 (+OT) – Electronic Maintenance Technician, E6
  • Production Management Trainee, St. Joseph, MO, $66,000 – Aviation Powerplant, E7
  • Production Supervisor, Seattle, WA, $69,000 – Aviation Electrical, E8
  • Field Service Engineer/ Systems Specialist, Austin, TX, $63,000 (+OT) – Sonar Technician (ST), E6
  • National Account Manager, Atlanta, GA, $80,000 – Electricians Mate Nuclear (EM) (N), E7
  • Operator Mechanic, New York City, NY, $81,000 (+OT) – Machinist Mate Nuclear (MM) (N), E6

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