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Bradley-Morris, Inc. and EF Overwatch Partner to Help Elite-Trained Veterans Win in the Workforce

Atlanta, GA (July 31, 2018) – Bradley-Morris, Inc., the nation’s largest veteran placement firm along with its wholly-owned subsidiary RecruitMilitary, has strategically partnered with EF Overwatch LLC., an Echelon Front company, to place exceptional military talent into companies looking to gain a competitive advantage within their respective industries.

EF Overwatch provides veterans of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Combat Aviation with a white-glove service by strategically making career connections with companies that are looking to gain a competitive advantage through leadership acquisition. Overwatch recruits both transitioning service members and veterans of the SOF and Combat Aviation communities. The talent pool at Overwatch consists of proven combat leaders with outstanding records of sustained performance who exhibit a mindset of extreme ownership in all that they do. Overwatch matches these experienced individuals with companies that require bold and talented leaders and represent the values that veterans hold dear.

EF Overwatch was established to place these elite, highly-trained job candidates into civilian companies that are looking for the best people to lead their organization to the next level. No other recruiting or talent acquisition firm currently exists for these communities, which makes the Bradley-Morris, Inc. – EF Overwatch LLC. partnership so unique. SOF and Combat Aviation veterans receive the benefit of two search and recruiting platforms working on their behalf when they enter the Overwatch pipeline.

Bradley-Morris, Inc. and RecruitMilitary offer employers access to more than 1,200,000 military job seekers via services that include contingency recruiting, military job fairs, a mobile-friendly job board, employer branding and a military base publication.

Together, Bradley-Morris, Inc. and EF Overwatch LLC provide a valuable and necessary resource for veterans with unique training and skillsets to transition to the private sector and enter the civilian workforce through counseling and exploration of job opportunities where they can excel as leaders. They also provide small to large-market companies with a concierge-styled service of veteran recruitment and placement for roles that depend on a higher degree of leadership and professional growth.

“Every day we are working with veterans to identify the best job opportunities in the private sector. Our new partnership with Overwatch allows us to fill yet another niche in the veteran recruiting space by creating specialized career opportunities for veterans of Special Operations Forces and Combat Aviation,” says Tim Best CEO of Bradley-Morris & RecruitMilitary. “We are thrilled to partner with this organization and provide companies with some of the best military-trained talent our nation can offer.”

The partnership with Bradley-Morris, Inc. is the first of its kind for Overwatch and positions them in a strategic position of veteran recruitment by providing top-tier military talent to the country’s fastest-growing business market segment.

“We are excited to partner with Bradley-Morris, Inc.,” says Overwatch CEO and Echelon Front Leadership Instructor, Mike Sarraille. “We are even more excited to show the private sector the unique leadership talent pool coming out of the SOF and Combat Aviation communities. These candidates are who companies want and need – leaders coming out of the nation’s, if not the world’s, preeminent leadership training program: the U.S. military. For veterans, this partnership means the SOF and Combat Aviation communities receive the benefit of two search processes taking place simultaneously to increase the amount of potential careers opportunities after leaving the military.”

Overwatch is an Echelon Front company founded by Jocko Willink, co-author of Extreme Ownership, Leif Babin, co-author of Extreme Ownership and Mike Sarraille, founder and board director of VETTED. All three former SEALs and teammates combined the focus of Echelon Front, a leadership consulting firm rooted in the concept of extreme ownership, a best-selling business book and their experience in the veteran transitions and placement realm to create a premium service for veterans coming out of two niche military communities and companies looking to gain a competitive advantage by building strong talent and workforce.

Echelon Front CEO, Jocko Willink, said, “After 20 years in Special Operations and seven years consulting businesses in every industry with Echelon Front, I know that this partnership is an incredible fusion. Companies need experienced, proven leaders; the SOF and Combat Aviation community has them. Overwatch and Bradley-Morris is now bringing them together.” The author of NYT #1 bestselling book Extreme Ownership, added that, “Executives at the companies we work with constantly ask us where they can get leaders that understand the principles we wrote about in Extreme Ownership. Now that Echelon Front has joined forces with Bradley-Morris we have an answer to that question: EF Overwatch.”

To learn more about Bradley-Morris, visit and follow them on Facebook. To learn more about Overwatch, visit and follow them on Facebook.

About Bradley-Morris, Inc.
Bradley-Morris, Inc., the largest military-focused recruiting company in the U.S., offers employers access to more than 1,000,000 military job seekers via services that include contingency recruiting as well as military job fairs and employer branding via its RecruitMilitary subsidiary. Bradley-Morris is headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, and can be found at

About EF Overwatch LLC.
EF Overwatch LLC., is the premier Special Operations Forces and Combat Aviation Talent Acquisition Firm. Overwatch, rooted in the principles of ‘Extreme Ownership,’ a best-selling business leadership book, written by two of the Overwatch Managing Partners, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, only recruits and sources exceptional military leaders with a mindset of Extreme Ownership. Overwatch’s services range from contingency recruiting to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to meet any companies hiring and talent acquisition needs. The Overwatch website can be found at

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