With the Help of Bradley-Morris, Inc., ComSonics Recognizes the Advantages of Hiring Transitioning Military Members


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A BMI Case Study


Company Profile

With its corporate headquarters in Harrisonburg, Va., ComSonics is an international manufacturing and services firm in the electronics industry. Founded in 1972, much of their 40 plus years of electronics expertise was developed in the highly-technical cable television industry.

ComSonics’ operational capabilities include a state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facility, three dedicated bench repair facilities in California, Indiana, and Virginia, and four regionally-located mobile laboratories offering onsite certification convenience. The company employs more than 200 professionals.





leadership qualities found in veterans

As well as being a service provider and manufacturer, the company is also an innovator, always looking ahead to anticipate solutions for their customers.

The Challenge

In the past ten years, ComSonics had grown and diversified significantly. As such, it needed to reach out to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees. ComSonics looks for employees who value ownership stakes in the company, competitive salaries and lucrative benefits. Good matches are candidates who appreciate having “skin in the game” and working in a team-oriented culture.

ComSonics needed to hire customer service and sales representatives, repair technicians and field service technicians having a strong electronics background. For some positions, presentation skills as well as strong customer service and technical skills were also required.

The Solution

Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) began working with ComSonics to fill these positions and ComSonics found transitioning military members possess many relatable skills for their openings. ComSonics attended BMI ConferenceHire® hiring events in Norfolk, Va. as the main method of filling open positions through BMI. As ComSonics and its staffing requirements grew, BMI and their worldwide recruiting network were perfectly positioned to help them meet and overcome those challenges.

The Result

The resulting long-term relationship between BMI and ComSonics has been a fruitful one for both companies. To date, ComSonics has hired 25 candidates through BMI.

ComSonics points to the high level of technical skills that military candidates possess as a key reason they hire military. Other advantages of military-experienced talent, pointed out by ComSonics, include military candidates’ experiences working with diverse personalities and people. In addition, work schedules that require travel are typically not an issue to military candidates.

“Prior military members tend to be more flexible and more
dependable. They are able to effectively do things on short

- ComSonics