BJ PPS Takes Advantage of Bradley-Morris, Inc.'s Access to the Perpetual Military Talent Pool

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A BMI Case Study

Company Profile

BJ Process and Pipeline Services (BJ PPS) is a leading and diverse provider of process andpipeline services. Based in Houston, Texas and employing over 1200, the company is one group of six existing under the greater BJ Services company umbrella. BJ PPS offers customers a range of pre-commissioning, commissioning, turnaround and decommissioning services across the spectrum of process plan life cycle.

The Challenge

According to a BJ PPS Manager, finding qualified engineers having a strong technical background, a mature approach, an outgoing personality and a willingness to travel can be a recruiting challenge. BJ PSS is at its core a services company and these services demand their employees be able to meet their clients’ needs with a can-do attitude, wherever those clients might be in the world.




perpetual military talent pool

The Solution

BJ PPS routinely taps into the pool of recent college graduates having engineering degrees. To gain access to job seekers who possess an engineering degree combined with real “life skills” and a great work ethic, however, they turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) in order to benefit from BMI’s access to the perpetual military talent pool.

The Result

BJ PPS piloted a military recruiting program with BMI and the results were outstanding. As the company has expanded their military recruiting, BJ PPS has hired eight engineers from BMI to date and the company is highly pleased with BMI’s access to the perpetual military talent pool.

“When we attend Bradley-Morris ConferenceHire events, we typically see 10-14 potential candidates in a day,” said the BJ PPS representative responsible for interviewing BMI’s pre-screened and pre-matched job seekers. “Distinct qualities stick out in military candidates. They are disciplined, motivated and possess a level of maturity that stands out [among the rest],” said the BJ PPS Manager.

“During the BMI ConferenceHire event, it is easier for us
to whittle down the potential pool based on the candidate’s
attitude and enthusiasm. I have been very impressed with
BMI’s process and how it has worked for us.”

- BJ PPS Manager