Business Analyst

Many officers accept positions into civilian careers as business analysts and consultants. They may work within a company in the operations or finance/administration divisions, or work for a management consulting firm that is hired by businesses for specific projects.

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The business analyst is responsible for identifying and clarifying changes needed to advance business objectives. He/she must perform quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to justify the necessary changes and brief management on the recommendations.


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Skills that you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Analyze, adjust and restructure business resources, processes and procedures as needed
  • Advise on structural system requirements and document proposed changes
  • Work with company personnel at all levels to gather and analyze internal information
  • Address the questions and concerns of company employees that arise during implementation
  • Develop and update a reference guide for all business initiatives and goals
  • Build and maintain a positive rapport with external markets and vendors to support business initiatives


Salary, Benefits and Shift (*may vary by city and experience level):


$60k-$90k annually; includes company benefits; may include performance bonuses. Applicant should be open to travelling and have the minimum education of a bachelor's degree.



Typically reports to:


Senior Consultant; COO; CFO; CAO; General Manager

Similar job titles:


Business Executive; Business Consultant; Financial Analyst



Recent BMI placements for this position include but have
not historically been limited to the following specialties:


  • Space/Missile Operations
  • Acquisitions/Contracting
  • Combat Arms Officer
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Military Intelligence
  • Special Operations
  • SWO
  • NFO
*Military personnel from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps (USMC) have been placed through Bradley-Morris, Inc. into Business Analyst positions.


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Photo Courtesy of The U.S. Army

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