ConferenceHire®: What Every Employer Needs to Know

Whether you are a CEO, a company Vice President, or a Hiring Manager, your businesses’ future is reliant on acquiring a dependable staff comprised of diverse, reliable and talented individuals. However, the process of finding the ideal new hire is often difficult and time consuming. 

ConferenceHire® is a unique hiring event format that is distinct from a military job fair program. Providing an opportunity for employers to meet highly-qualified job seekers, BMI ConferenceHire® events provide employers with several key advantages, including:


  • Access to talented candidates with applicable military experience
  • Free for employers across the county to attend (contingency services fees are applicable only when you choose to hire a candidate)
  • Opportunities to interview pre-screened job seekers effectively; low impact to busy schedules
  • Held in a relaxed setting of a local first class hotel
  • An effective hiring alternative to the regular recruiting process


Once a ConferenceHire® military hiring event comes to an end, a designated Account Representative from Bradley-Morris, Inc. will identify mutual interest between employers and job seekers. Employers can expect personalized and detailed recommendations to secure their selected new hire.

Military ConferenceHire® job fairs are currently held in San Diego, Seattle, Norfolk, Atlanta and several other major cities. You can view the upcoming ConferenceHire® schedule online now. 

If you would like to participate in a future ConferenceHire® event, or require additional information, please contact the military recruiting firm of Bradley-Morris, Inc.