Cyber Security Engineer

Many officers and enlisted military accept positions in civilian careers as Cyber Security Engineers.


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If you are interested in and qualified for applying for a Cyber Security Engineer position, please click here and fill out the form provided to apply to the Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) program. A candidate recruiter will contact you if there are job openings that match your background, education and career preferences.




The cyber security engineer will analyze, identify and escalate security events or incidents within a Security Operations Center (SOC) after thorough investigation. He/she will continue to design and implement needed changes to security infrastructure and hardware/software applications.



Skills that you will bring to the job/typical duties:

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  • Utilize a SIEM platform to investigate, analyze and triage security events or incidents; identify the root cause, implement an appropriate solution and provide adequate reporting
  • Configure and implement security infrastructure and solutions for network and security technologies
  • Provide support for hardware and software applications; monitor and log all issues, troubleshooting outcomes and configurations
  • Collaborate with IT team on the latest security intelligence tools and technologies.
  • Regularly review the existing security device architectures and endorse approved updates and enhancements
  • Draft configuration manuals, operating procedures, reports and system hardening guidelines

Applicant should have experience maintaining and utilizing SIEM platforms and/or Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS). A Bachelor's degree in Information Security, Computer Science, Information Systems or a related field is preferred. Other preferred skills vary depending on position/company.



Salary and Benefits (varies by city and experience level):


$65k-$100k annually; includes company benefits.



Typically reports to:


Director/Manager of Information Security

Similar job titles:


SOC Analyst; Information Security Engineer



Recent BMI placements for this position include but have
not historically been limited to the following specialties:


  • Army Signal Corps (O+E), Signals Intelligence Specialists
  • Navy IPO+IWO, Information Technicians, Cryptologic Technician
  • Air Force Cyberspace Support and Operations
  • USMC Cyber Network Operator



*Military personnel from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps (USMC) have been placed through Bradley-Morris, Inc. into Cyber Security positions.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Naval Forces

Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet

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