Bobbie Caldwell, "A Rising Star at Dell" - Military Headhunters Candidate Case Study

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Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), sometimes classified in the military headhunters firm category, assisted former Army Officer Bobbie Caldwell in finding a civilian job.

Candidate Profile

Roberta (Bobbie) Caldwell is a rising star who successfully manages multiple roles. Not only is she firmly on an upward course at Fortune 500 firm, Dell, but she is also a full-time graduate student, wife, mother andmarathonrunner. She is not unlike many women in the corporate world today in that she wears multiple hats and wears them successfully. She stands out among that crowd, however, because of her military background.

leadership qualities found in veterans

Military Career Highlights

Caldwell enlisted in the U.S. Army in August 2000 as an E-4, Specialist. After serving two years enlisted, she applied to and was accepted to Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Fort Benning, Georgia. Upon graduation from the school, she was commissioned as a 2LT, Air Defense Artillery Officer in September 2004.  While serving as a short-range air defense artillery officer, Caldwell and her husband, a fellow service member, started a family. Concerned that the dual-military couple could find themselves both deployed at the same time, she decided to leave the active duty military and serve in the Texas National Guard, where she ultimately achieved the rank of Captain.

Civilian Career Highlights

Caldwell turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), sometimes classified as military headhunters, to help launch her civilian career. BMI's team listened to the candidate’s needs and successfully matched her profile with Dell at a BMI ConferenceHire® hiring event.  “I don’t believe that I would have found my career with Dell had it not been for BMI. You can always find the right job on paper but unless you have a true window of opportunity to land it, you are just another face in the crowd,” says Caldwell. “BMI gave me that window of opportunity and I was able to walk through it and begin a wonderful career with Dell,” says Caldwell.

Initially hired by Dell to be a Supply Chain Manager, she has been promoted twice in fours years. In her current position, she is a Logistics Program Manager. Caldwell plans to stay with the company indefinitely and hopes to move into a higher managerial role next.

How My Military Career Helped My Civilian Career

Caldwell credits her military experience and the core competencies she learned in uniform as being the reason for her success in her civilian career.  “In the military, you are taught to take the ball and run with it. You have to have the initiative to drive a situation,” said Caldwell emphasizing that those same skills can help you succeed in a civilian career, too. “There is a misconception out there that you have to find a civilian job in the same functional area in which you worked in the military. That’s not true. You can capitalize on those leadership skills that functionally transfer between career fields,” said Caldwell.”

Finally, Caldwell summarized her successful transition, saying, “My military experience set me up to be successful in my civilian job.”


“I don’t believe that I would have found my career with Dell
had it not been for Bradley-Morris, Inc.”

- Bobbie Caldwell