Bradley-Morris Military Job Placement Firm Case Study - Kustom Signals

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Kustom Signals Partners with Military Job Placement Firm Bradley-Morris, Inc. to Hire Employees for Key Positions

Company Profile

Kustom Signals specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing public safety and law enforcementproducts such as traffic speed radars, in-car video systems and mobile roadside speed monitoring trailers. Founded in 1965, Kustom Signals employs approximately 200 and is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. A subsidiary of Public Safety Equipment, Inc., Kustom Signals belongs to the Public Safety Enforcement (PSE) group that includes Code 3, Amber and LaserCraft.  PSE is a leading supplier of highway safety and enforcement solutions.

The Challenge

leadership qualities found in veterans

Two and a half years ago, Kustom Signals decided to develop their own field service teams to market, install and service their state-of-the-art products.  Typically, Kustom Signals hires field service technicians and evaluation technicians throughout the United States.  Both of these positions require solid core knowledge of electronics, the ability to function independently, and excellent communication skills and presentation skills.


The Solution

Kustom Signals identified an important trait shared by both its clients and military job seekers: An understanding of command staff, the necessity of rank, and how to deal with it efficiently.  Additionally, the military job seekers appeal to Kustom Signals because they are dedicated and possess a genuine willingness to do the job right.  Kustom Signals chose to partner with Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to recruit the best from the transitioning military talent pool.  


The Result

Bradley-Morris has worked with Kustom Signals to place eleven military job seekers through BMI’s Hiring Conferences and direct placement services.  The success of the BMI candidates at Kustom Signals is paying off for the company. “Our success has been going like gangbusters with much of that being credited to the BMI candidates we have hired,” says Kustom Signals’ National Field Service Manager, adding that prior service members have what it takes to get the job done.


“The success of Kustom Signals lies squarely on the shoulders
of our BMI placements. I can’t say enough about the outstanding
quality of candidates that we are provided.”

- National Field Service Manager