Logistics / Distribution Specialist

Many military officers and non-commissioned officers transition into civilian careers as Logistics or Distribution Specialists.

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The logistics/distribution specialist is responsible for the monitoring and managing of cost, efficiency, productivity, and all product transfer associated with company distribution and inventory. He/she may also act as a liaison for company-customer or company-vendor relationships.


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Skills that you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Develop work schedules and coordinate all distribution center activities
  • Monitor and develop ways to improve operating costs and material estimates
  • Monitor and resolve all attendance, performance, safety and policy violation issues
  • Ensure the timeliness of approved orders to be shipped and the compliance of carriers with pick-up commitments
  • Maintain an exact count of all inventories and ensure they, along with all equipment, are properly protected against loss or damage
  • Develop operational and procedural changes to improve distribution efficiency and exceed productivity performance

Salary, Benefits and Shift (*may vary by city and experience level):


$40k-$70k annually; includes company benefits.


Typically reports to:


Regional Operations Manager or

Director of Logistics Operations

Similar job titles:


Distribution Center Manager/Supervisor; Inventory and Logistics Manager/Supervisor



Recent BMI placements for this position include but have
not historically been limited to the following specialties:

  • Aviation Electrical
  • Aircraft Hydraulics
  • Maintenance
  • Field Artillery
  • Ordnance
  • Logistics
  • Infantry
  • SWO




*Military personnel from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps (USMC) have been placed through Bradley-Morris, Inc. into Logistics Specialist and Distribution Specialist positions.

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Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet

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