TH Hill Taps Into the Military Talent Pool With the Assistance of Bradley-Morris, Inc.


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A BMI Case Study

Company Profile

leadership qualities found in veterans

T H Hill Associates, Inc. is a services and consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. The company offers engineering, quality assurance and training solutions designed to reduce the risk of structural failure in downhole drilling equipment for oil and gas projects around the world.

Founded in 1980, it is well known for creating the global drill string inspection and design standard DS-1®, which defines the procedural inspection requirements used for drilling equipment.

The Challenge

T H Hill Associates is a growing independent company with key operational areas which include an engineering department and a technical services department. Despite economic fluctuations relating to the oil and gas industry, T H Hill anticipates growth in the near term due to their diversified global operations. A significant portion of their business lies with land-based and international operations, and the company recently opened an office in Brazil.

According to a T H Hill Manager, the company seeks to hire project managers and quality assurance technicians to meet their expanding needs.

The Solution

T H Hill considered various hiring solutions to meet the need for their growing workforce. Knowing the caliber of leadership skills inherent in military service members, they opted to consult with Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) in order to tap into that valuable military talent pool, particularly to fill project manager and quality assurance technician positions.

T H Hill’s BMI account manager notes that T H Hill sought, and continues to seek, individuals with experience managing people, timelines and budgets. Excellent communication skills are also a must.

The Result

In 2008, T H Hill attended a BMI ConferenceHire® hiring event in Norfolk, Va. and has since continued to recruit candidates through BMI via other Bradley-Morris, Inc. hiring event locations, including those in Austin, Texas. To date, BMI has placed five candidates with the company.

“BMI has done a very good job finding candidates for us.
We have provided them with feedback and, in turn, they
have presented us with qualified candidates to fit the role
of the positions we seek to fill.”

- T H Hill