How Chesapeake Energy Corporation Partners with Bradley-Morris, Inc. to Recruit and Hire Military Talent

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A BMI Case Study

Company Profile

Chesapeake Energy Corporation is the second largest producer of natural gas, a Top 15 producer of oil and natural gas liquids and the most active driller of new wells in the United States. It has twelve affiliate companies including Great Plains Oilfield Rental, L.L.C. (GPOR), a firm that specializes in providing 24/7 drilling solutions.

The Challenge

Chesapeake and GPOR were expanding rapidly. This resulted in a top and bottom heavy workforce. According to Chesapeake’s Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) Account Manager, the key challenge was getting qualified leaders into the middle management ranks and accomplishing that quickly.





job seeking veterans

“Chesapeake wanted to hire individuals with promotion potential, giving them the opportunity to be groomed and to grow into those upper level company positions,” said the BMI representative.

The Solution

Chesapeake’s solution was to recruit and hire military talent from the ranks of America’s job seeking veterans. The key skill targeted was leadership and that could be found in many veterans, regardless of their ranks or military occupational specialties.

Getting access to qualified veterans in a timely manner to meet their growth goals, however, became a new challenge. Chesapeake’s plan was to take advantage of Bradley-Morris’ national military candidate footprint in order to facilitate the hiring process.

The Result

“In a one year time period, we have attended nine BMI ConferenceHire events and hired 30 employees as a result. As a whole, we couldn’t be more pleased with the candidates we’ve hired from BMI,” the GPOR Business Manager commented.

“Veterans are a good fit for our fast-paced and tough line of work. They show up every day to do their job. They do it right and they do it safely. They are more detail-oriented and disciplined. They don’t need constant oversight. They are groomed to be leaders,” added Chesapeake representatives.

The company went on to comment, “Leadership is an important skill that is very marketable in this business. You can’t teach it. It is an intangible skill that the average 18-year old right out of high school or the 23-year old college graduate hasn’t been exposed to before. [Military candidates] bring the intangible strengths. We’ll teach you the tangible skills you need to know to do the job itself.”

Chesapeake kept an open-mind in terms of military profiles. “We are interested in hiring former officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. We don’t try to pigeonhole vets into one type of position. Instead, we try to match their strengths with our required skill sets,” said a military relations representative with the company.

“Veterans are groomed to be leaders.”

- Chesapeake Energy Corporation