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A BMI Case Study

Company Profile

job seeking veterans

Rowan Companies is a major provider of global offshore contract drilling services with a leading position in high-specification jack-up rigs based in Houston, Texas. It operates a fleet of 31 jack-up rigs worldwide in areas such as the Middle East, the North Sea, Trinidad, Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Challenge

Business is booming and requires the necessary manpower to keep up with the growth. The company is expanding operations into the ultra-deep water market in 2013 as they build four new drill ships that house 200 employees apiece creating a need to fill potentially 800 positions. While some positions will be filled internally, many more will need to come from new hires. That will mean opportunity for many job seeking veterans, even those without prior industry experience.

The majority of the positions will be based off shore on the deep-water rigs and will require a diverse skill set. The company seeks to hire a wide range of positions to include drillers, operators, floor-hands and rig managers. Position professional levels will range from entry-level to management.

The Solution

To recruit, hire and retain a suitable work force, Rowan has diversified their sourcing strategy to engage the transitioning military demographic. To assist them in reaching this demographic, they have turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI).

Identifying the talent pool found within the military is one piece of the solution. The company also offers excellent compensation, good benefits and opportunities for continued advancement.

Rowan’s Recruiting Manager firmly believes that creating recognizable brand awareness about the company will play a big role in its recruiting efforts. “We want to let people to know what kind of company Rowan is and how it can be a good fit, particularly for our veterans.”

The Result

“BMI has helped to offset these hiring challenges and we foresee a more formal arrangement with them in the future to that end,” said Rowan’s Recruiting Manager. Working closely with their BMI Account Representative, Rowan has successfully hired six job seeking veterans from BMI’s pool of candidates to date.

BMI has also assisted in delivering brand awareness for Rowan through the use of hiring events, targeted hires, posting jobs on and marketing the company through Military Transition News.

Given this track record of results and the company’s need for more hires in the next couple of years, the outlook for continued success is highly positive.

“Veterans are a good fit for Rowan Companies because they are
technically skilled, highly disciplined, take a hands-on approach
to getting the job done and have an understanding of how things
work globally.”

- Rowan Recruiting Manager