How Gary Seiter Used Bradley-Morris, Inc. to Successfully Transition From a Career in the Military


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A BMI Case Study


military-to-civilian career transition

Gary Seiter is the Director of Operations for Thomas and Howard Company, a privately-owned firm that provides full-line, full-service distribution to convenience stores and small grocery stores in the Carolinas, Georgia andTennessee. The company also operates a number of wholesale and retail outlets throughout North and South Carolina.

Military Career Highlights

Seiter entered the U.S. Navy at age 18 and served for 21 years, 15 of those at sea. He retired at the rank of E7 as a Chief Petty Officer in 2004. During his career in the military, Seiter worked in the field of logistics managing stores and warehouses.

In his long Navy career, Seiter found himself stationed inland in Orlando, Fla., Philadelphia, Pa., Fort Dix, N.J., Norfolk, Va. and in Athens, Ga., where he attended a prestigious supply course through the University of Georgia. When he wasn’t on land, Seiter could be found on ships, primarily in the Mediterranean.

Civilian Career Highlights

As the result of attending a BMI ConferenceHire® event, Seiter interviewed for the job of a 2nd shift supervisor with Thomas and Howard Company. After impressing the company during the interview, he was instead offered the position of Assistant Vice President of Operations. Within ten months, he moved to the Newberry, S.C. facility as the Vice President of Operations. That plant, due to economic constraints, closed but Seiter was then moved to back to the Charleston facility as the overall Director of Operations, the position he still holds today.military-to-civilian career transition

How My Military Career Helped My Civilian Career

Seiter firmly believes that his career in uniform helped him to successfully transition from a career in the military to one outside of it. He specifically notes that the leadership abilities, work ethic and way of thinking that he learned and perfected as a U.S. service member helped him realize the “it” factor he had to offer a civilian employer. He credits BMI for helping to connect him with a job opportunity he knew nothing about but ended up being the right one for him.

“BMI was directly involved in making the connection
between the civilian job and my military skills. It was
the foot in the door I needed.”

- Gary Seiter