Transocean: Military Service Members Have What It Takes

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A BMI Case Study

Company Profile

Transocean, an international offshore drilling contractor, is known for constructing oil and natural gas wells in the deep ocean waters of the world.

Its mission is to provide services for all types of petroleum companies in offshore drilling markets. They operate in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, eastern Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, West Africa and Asia. You’ll also find them in Australia and the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, India and the Mediterranean.

The company is headquartered in Switzerland and its U.S. offices are in Houston, Texas.

The Challenge

Transocean has, like other companies in the oil and gas industry, had a difficult time hiring and retaining sub-sea engineers. The job, according to the Global Recruiting Manager, requires a defined skill set only obtainable within the industry itself. Companies often actively attempt to lure trained employees away from their competitors.

In an effort to internally build up the company’s own supply of trained individuals in this career field, Transocean began to design a unique recruitment and training program. The aim of the program was to globally hire 100 individuals, 25 each coming from the United States, India, the United Kingdom and Brazil. The candidates would undergo a rigorous on and off shore training program, ultimately resulting in a fast track to becoming sub-sea engineer supervisors.

The Solution

With the pressing effort to hire the 25 individuals from the U.S. for the one-time training program, Transocean called on Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to assist. Knowing that military service members have what it takes to make it in their business is one thing. Finding specific people to hire and put on the payroll can be quite another. The company had already hired five BMI candidates previously into the rig manager asset position. Now, they sought 25 more prior-service member candidates from BMI for the sub-sea engineering program.

The Result

The BMI Account Representative coordinated the interviewing and hiring of 27 candidates. The client reports being highly satisfied with the service provided to them throughout from the BMI Account Representative and the Bradley-Morris team.

Since 2007, Transocean has hired a total of 37 employees through BMI by attending ConferenceHire® events in Atlanta, Georgia and in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“I was in Brazil when this specific initiative came up and my BMI
Account Representative was on the ground getting things done
for us. We ended up hiring 27 BMI candidates instead of the
slated 25. The additional two were that good. We couldn’t let
them slip away.”

- Transocean Global Recruiting Manager