Bradley-Morris Military Job Placement Firm Case Study - Atkinson

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Atkinson Construction Uses Military Job Placement Firm Bradley-Morris to Hire Leaders

Company Profile

leadership qualities found in veterans

Atkinson Construction, a subsidiary of Clark Construction Group, LLC, specializes in designing and building tunnel and shaft works as well as mining and metallurgic facilities.  Founded in 1926, they have constructed over $40billion dollars worth of projects including Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah, Georgia, subway systems in Washington, D.C., Seattle and Los Angeles, and the Calaveras Dam in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Challenge

Due to an increase in public works funding, Atkinson Construction needed a reliable source for engineers, estimators, and site superintendents.   Hardworking, intelligent, imaginative and a willingness to learn are just a few of the qualities that Atkinson Construction looks for in future employees.  Past exposure to the construction industry and strong people skills will also be advantages for candidates seeking to join the company.   

The Solution

Atkinson Construction determined that military job seekers have a strong work ethic and are disciplined, plus they bring well-honed leadership skills to the organization. In April 2006, Atkinson Construction turned to Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) to provide them with the best transitioning military job seekers and prior military civil engineers to meet their talent needs.

The Resultleadership qualities found in veterans

Since 2006, Bradley-Morris has placed nine  military job seekers with Atkinson Construction. With the assistance of BMI, the company has successfully located the exact skill set from the pool of transitioning military service members that makes for a successful employee. According to the client, “We can always teach the technical aspects of our job but we can’t teach someone to be a leader.”


“BMI does a wonderful job of screening potential candidates. They offer us the cream of the crop.”

- Atkinson Construction Vice President