Did you know that service members separating from active military duty (due to retirement or end of their contracted service commitment) receive a one-time, government paid relocation to any where in the U.S? This means you can interview a service member at a military job fair in San Diego, California and offer him a position… Read more »

Many companies make a special effort to acknowledge Women’s History Month, or African American/Native American/Hispanic American History Month – often with celebrations, or posters acknowledging those groups’ contributions to the culture and diversity of the organization. Yet, when Veterans Day rolls around…companies are strangely silent. Let’s chalk that up to an assumption that companies want… Read more » recently posted a “Real Transition Story” that accurately reflects a chief concern of many of the transitioning military job seekers I come in contact with on a daily basis. Of particular note is the following comment: “I think the most difficult part of transitioning is putting military experience into civilian terms. Civilians don’t understand… Read more »

Interviewers are like weed killers.  They come in many different packages, but they all kind of do the same thing: they attempt to select the right person for the job.  But first they must reduce the pool of qualified candidates through the interviewing process.  Understanding how the interviewers’ mind works will help you survive the… Read more »

In my military hiring webinar “Marketing to Attract the Military Applicant“, I spend a portion of the seminar talking about building brand awareness in the military community. In simple terms, developing company brand awareness means creating an environment where the customer (in this case, the military community): • Recognizes your existence • Can convey in… Read more »

When pulling together a winning resume, military performance evaluations make great resources. Provided a relatively successful military career, they are abundant in quantifiable accomplishments, glowing remarks from senior raters, and awards. But they should be just one of many resources you rely upon – not THE resource. Military evals / military fitness reports are snapshots… Read more »

Here’s another case study, this one regarding NSK, a company that has had a great deal of success hiring military. “NSK managers needed to hire engineers who could offer the company and its customers the right blend of technical expertise and marketing savvy. While there was no shortage of recent college-educated engineers to draw upon,… Read more »

As mentioned in the last blog post, college campuses are not only great places to find eager young men and women to fill your entry level positions and summer internships – they can be great resources for finding military veterans to fill entry- and experienced-level positions. Last time we covered Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)… Read more »

Career fairs uniquely offer military job seekers the opportunity to gather information about career options, research the demand for their own brand of talent in various fields, make contact with certain companies, and practice networking and communication skills. So take full advantage of the benefits that job fairs have to offer, but keep in mind… Read more »

In the next two blog posts I am going to cover some innovative ideas for connecting with military veterans on college campuses. This first blog addresses Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs; the next will address Student Veteran Groups. College campuses are not only great places to find eager young men and women to fill… Read more »