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Bradley-Morris specializes in the placement of Junior Military Officers (JMOs) and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) with Bachelor Degrees into sales and sales management positions. BMI has the only dedicated sales management recruiters in the industry.

As a transitioning or an ex-military member seeking employment in Corporate America, Sales is a career field you may choose to pursue. If so, the interpersonal and time management skills you have developed and utilized during your military service will play a vital role in your success in the sales / sales management field.

Why should you use Bradley-Morris instead of another recruiting firm? At a Bradley-Morris Sales Hiring Conference, you will only interview with companies which have available sales positions that meet your specifications. No other military placement firm offers this type of focused placement, and no other firm has dedicated sales management recruiters.

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Sample testimonials:

  • "If you want OPTIONS you want Bradley-Morris. I spoke with six different JMO recruiting companies and nobody delivered the personal service or the sheer number of QUALITY opportunities like BMI. I will be recommending BMI to all my friends making transitions in the future." J. Klimowicz, Army

  • "When I realized that I was getting out of the Air Force, I really did not know which way to turn. A colleague pointed me in BMI's direction and the rest is history. I contacted a BMI representative and they hit the ground running. I interviewed with quality companies and landed a dream job in my first conference. I would have to put BMI as number one (hands down) for JMO recruiting. There are other recruiters out there, but I will only recommend BMI to my friends. Thank You!" L.C. Higgs, Air Force

  • "I went to the BMI Sales-only Hiring Conference in Charlotte. I'm glad I did. There were many great companies there, and most of the positions were surprisingly different from the stereotypical sales jobs. I became interested in more than a few of the opportunities, and was fortunate to have a choice between three great positions. Thanks to my BMI Candidate Recruiter for his dogged determination to match my interests with BMI opportunities." A. Crish, USNA

  • "As a JMO transitioning out of military service and into the civilian world I was lost. A friend recommended that I call Bradley-Morris. Within a week of my phone call Bradley-Morris had reviewed my resume and invited me to a Hiring Conference. After several interviews I found a perfect fit with a medical sales company who eventually offered me a position on their team. I have dealt with other competing recruiting firms but am still amazed at how Bradley-Morris operates. They care about each individual candidate and put you in the best positions to succeed. I can honestly say I wouldn't be in the position I am today if it weren't for the assistance I received from Bradley-Morris." T. Justice , USMA

What types of Sales positions are there? In general terms, Sales can be broken down into one of two areas: Inside sales or Outside sales. Most positions will require a combination of both inside and outside sales in order to be successful. The descriptions below will offer you a quick overview of the difference between inside and outside sales.

  • Inside Sales typically takes place in an office environment and primarily consists of phone or email contact with prospective, current or repeat clients. These types of positions generally require little to no travel and typically have a defined schedule or work day.
  • Outside Sales positions involve face-to-face interaction with clients. Outside sales positions offer the most opportunity to travel and tend to be geared towards high-end goods or services. Many outside sales positions provide excellent company benefits for employees. Some of these benefits could include a company car, business expense account, etc.

How do you get paid in a sales position? Sales-related employment can be immensely rewarding. The candidates Bradley-Morris places in Sales positions are not satisfied with an average job or an average income.

Sales compensation will vary with each company. However, sales compensation is generally broken down into three areas: Base Pay or Salary, Commissions, and Bonuses / Incentives.

  • Base Pay is a set amount that a company pays to an employee on an annual basis regardless of Sales performance. Base pay is generally supplemented by commissions and/or bonuses/incentives.
  • Commissions are a percentage of the total value of a sale that is paid to the employee by the company. For instance, if a sales person has a 10% commission rate, they would make $100 for every $1000 dollars worth of goods or services they sell to a client.
  • Bonuses and Incentives are additional methods of income for sales personnel. Many companies will pay a bonus to a sales person for reaching a certain monetary goal. If the sales person reaches that goal, the company will pay the sales person a predetermined sum of money completely separate from base pay or commissions. Incentives are goods or services that a company provides to a salesperson for reaching a predetermined goal as well. Incentives cover a broad spectrum, but some examples might include a company car for a year or a vacation for the sales person at the expense of the company. Incentives are also separate from base pay or commissions.

The Bradley-Morris Advantage: Many companies will hire sales personnel on a commission-only income. That means that you are only paid when you make a sale.

However, the companies that you will interview with through BMI will not be commission-only. Each company that attends a Bradley-Morris Sales Hiring Conference will offer a base salary in addition to commissions and bonuses/incentives.

Expectations in the World of Sales: A career in the sales industry can be extremely rewarding and lucrative, but it is not for everyone. You must be highly motivated, responsible, and dedicated to your craft in order to succeed. In general, sales positions offer the greatest earning potential, but they may not always generate a steady income. Successful sales people understand this reality, and they learn to manage their income and life-style accordingly. There will be ups and downs in the world of sales.