Top Military Recruiting Firm with Diversity Recruiting Program



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The military has led the way in providing leadership opportunities for minorities and women. The result has been the creation of the largest single pool of diversity talent available in the country. While many military recruiting firms often highlight this benefit to companies looking to fill their open positions, BMI has a documented history of success in this area that is unrivaled.

Because Bradley-Morris, a top military recruiting firm, is attuned to the challenges associated with attracting and recruiting qualified diversity talent, we have an intense focus on identifying these candidates through our Diversity Recruiting Program.

Unmatched in its ambition and yield, this program targets thousands of minority and female officers and technicians.



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33% of Bradley-Morris placements have been diversity candidates. 50% of our diversity candidates have technical degrees. 25% of our diversity officer candidates are graduates from Annapolis, West Point, or the Air Force Academy.

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