The Benefits You Obtain When You Hire Military Officers for Engineering, Management and More

Image courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


A company should hire military officers because these job seekers bring to the organization immediate benefits such as leadership, maturity, accountability, good judgment, and exceptional reasoning ability. When you hire military officers, you gain employees that already possess the essential skills needed to manage personnel and resources in a corporate environment.

Many Bradley-Morris candidates are graduates of West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy or ROTC programs from schools of similar caliber. Most have technical or Engineering degrees. And all have documented superior performance records.



Bradley-Morris provides qualified Military Officer candidates in the following areas:

  • Engineering: Applications, quality assurance, maintenance and project management
  • Operations Management: Logistics, distribution, and transportation
  • Manufacturing: Production Supervision and management
  • Telecommunications: Voice, data, wireless, and satellite

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