BMI ConferenceHire® Process (Job Seekers)

The Bradley-Morris ConferenceHire hiring event process is the most efficient and effective in the industry. Our hiring events (which are much different than a military job fair or other open-admission military job fairs) are two-day events and are typically held on a Sunday and Monday. This enables clients and candidates to meet in the relaxed environment of a first class hotel and interview for great job opportunities with minimal impact to their respective schedules.

See the latest ConferenceHire event schedule and register for our no-cost military job seeker service.

At a BMI ConferenceHire event, employers will interview former military personnel for leadership / management, supervisory / technical, or sales / business development positions.

Sunday is preparation day for candidates. Dress on Sundays is business casual (khaki slacks and a polo or oxford shirt.)

  • Unlike military job fairs, all of the candidates participate in BMI's interview preparation program, which includes an interviewing seminar. BMI also conducts practice interviews with candidates. There is virtually no better activity to help a candidate prepare to win a job than these practice interviews.
  • The remainder of Sunday is used to brief the candidates on the companies and positions they are scheduled to interview with on Monday. In the briefings, the candidates are given an overview of the prospective company along with the job description, salary and benefits information, and an interviewer profile. This will ensure that candidates will be fully prepared for Monday interviews.

Monday is interview day. Employers arrive on Sunday night or Monday morning to interview on Monday.

  • Candidates wear interviewing attire (dark suits, white shirts, and red/maroon ties for men - business suits for women). If you don't have the attire suggested in the link above, consult your candidate recruiter for possible alternatives.
  • Candidates will interview all day on Monday. The majority of interviews will take place in the privacy of a hotel suite.

After the ConferenceHire event, Bradley-Morris coordinates the post-conference actions.

  • Candidates will call their assigned BMI representative after the hiring event is completed. The BMI representative will brief the candidate regarding which companies wish to pursue them as a potential employee. Based on mutual interest level, a BMI Account Representative who works with that client company will recommend follow-up steps.
  • In most cases, client companies will bring the candidate on-site for a second interview and to tour the location / facilities (known as a "site visit").

Following the site visit, Bradley-Morris will oversee the offer stage of the hiring process. This helps produce the optimal result for candidate and employer alike.

In addition to participating in the Bradley-Morris ConferenceHire process, candidates will also participate in BMI's TargetHireŽ system.

  • TargetHire refers to open positions that are filled outside of the standard BMI hiring event process due to a company being unavailable to attend an event date. Job seekers' backgrounds and skills will be continually evaluated against the several hundred job openings per week in this system. Typically, first interviews take place via phone, with site visits to follow.