Civilian Careers for Military Cyber and IT Professionals

                                                                                                      In addition to more traditional MOS/AFCS/Rates, Bradley-Morris also places Cyber Security and Information Technology professionals with military backgrounds. Whether you are an officer or NCO/enlisted, veterans with experience in information technology and cyber operations will have the opportunity to pursue a career in fields such as cyber security, engineering, IT management and system support.

Why should you use Bradley-Morris instead of another recruiting firm? Our cyber recruiting team comes from direct backgrounds in cyber security with Active Duty and Reserve military experience. We understand your training, background and most importantly where your technical skill sets translate into civilian careers.

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Meade Public Affairs Office

Sample Testimonial: "When facing a decision to separate from the military, Bradley-Morris went the extra mile to ensure that not only did I have all the necessary tools, guidance and tips for a civilian job, but also helped me find the perfect career in cyber security. I wouldn't be where I am today without them." - CTN2 (IDW), United States Navy

                                                                                                                                                         Where does Bradley-Morris place cyber professionals?

  • Cyber Security – Incident response and risk management divisions of employers in the healthcare, finance, logistics, retail and federal industries.
    Sample Job Titles: Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Analyst, Cyber Intel Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Forensic Analyst
  • Management – Organizational leadership roles for candidates who are technically conversant and proficient, and have supervised technical operations.
    Sample Job Titles: Risk Management, Project Manager, Vulnerability Management, IT Security Manager
  • Technical – Individual contributors required by employers are seeking hands-on, technical expertise such as installing hardware/software on control systems or programming network devices.
    Sample Job Titles: Network Engineer, System Engineer, System Administrator, Systems Analyst

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