Job Fairs

What’s the deal with military MOS, AFSC and Rates?

Unless you have a military background or have been involved with hiring large numbers of military people, figuring out military skills is a daunting task.  The Army and Marine Corps use “MOS” groups (Military Occupational Specialty).  The Air Force separates their skills into “AFSC” groups (Air Force Specialty Codes).  Finally, the Navy calls each of… Read more »

Why “on-base” military job fairs?

Hi, I’m Marla Smith.  In my “day job”, I help employers connect with military job seekers, so I hope I can answer some questions here as well as the other contributors. A recruiter asked me this week, “Why should I focus more attention on military job fairs that take place on the military installations as… Read more »

Hiring Military Case Study

Check out this case study regarding Callidus, a company that has had a great deal of success hiring military. “Callidus found itself experiencing a high-growth period, due in part to a demanding energy market as well as increased environmental awareness and legislation. While it is a technology-based firm, it seeks employees to fill a whole… Read more »

Find Your Next Employee at the Fort Benning Job Fair

“We are very excited about hosting a Job Fair at Fort Benning,” said George Bernloehr, COO of  “This region is populated with highly-skilled job seekers as well as great companies who are looking for this valuable talent pool.” is working in partnership with Hire Vets First, started by the President’s National Hire… Read more »