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A Common Misconception of “Cost-Efficient” Hiring

It’s a common misconception that finding a new hire without any assistance from an outside hiring firm is the most cost effective option for an employer. I recently had a conversation with a prospective client on this very subject. We’d been talking over the last six months about a management position I wanted to help… Read more »

What’s the deal with military MOS, AFSC and Rates?

Unless you have a military background or have been involved with hiring large numbers of military people, figuring out military skills is a daunting task.  The Army and Marine Corps use “MOS” groups (Military Occupational Specialty).  The Air Force separates their skills into “AFSC” groups (Air Force Specialty Codes).  Finally, the Navy calls each of… Read more »

Free Veteran Hiring

With the focus of the First Lady squarely on helping veterans, the “military recruiting” niche that my company has served for two decades has become increasingly popular. One question sometimes posed is, “With all of the free veteran hiring services, why should we engage a contingency-based service?” This is a great question. I wouldn’t pay… Read more »

How to leverage a military hiring expert

One of my main hobbies is being out on a boat. As an avid sailor / racer, I am constantly working to increase my knowledge of the sport and the performance of my boat, sails and associated equipment. However, as anyone who has been involved in any type of in-depth endeavor knows, it is impossible… Read more »

How to increase your talent pool and save money by hiring transitioning military

When your company needs talent, you may limit your search to a 40 or 50 mile radius from the hiring location. Relocating new employees is extremely expensive and usually not an option for many of the non-management positions. However, if you considered transitioning military candidates, your reach could be coast to coast. Here’s why: When… Read more »

Save on Relocation Costs

According to a 2008 Harvey Research Reader Preference Study, SHRM’s HR Magazine subscribers have an average annual budget of $320,000 for relocation products and services. As readers of this blog know, those HR practitioners could make some points with their managers by saving some of that budget via hiring transitioning military, many of whom will… Read more »

A question about government paid relocation

Hi, I’m Mo Stern and I’m new to the blog but excited to be posting here. I’ve been helping companies recruit military since the mid ’90s, so hopefully I along with Lisa can answer some of your questions. For instance, this week a company asked me if there was a “catch” to the relocation benefits… Read more »

Creative Ways to Recruit Veterans to Your Workforce Part 2: On-The-Job Training Programs

In this series of blogs I am exploring some creative ways that employers can “test drive” veterans before hiring them and that veterans can explore civilian careers. The first blog addressed internships. This blog reviews on-the-job-training programs. Every company has certain categories of positions that are in constant need of filling. Whether those positions are… Read more »

An Update on Tax Credits for Hiring Military Veterans

Back in December I posted a blog on how hiring military veterans can save your company money through the use of a tax credit called the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This credit is available via IRS Form 5884 to organizations that employ certain categories of veterans. Thanks to The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act… Read more »

How Hiring Military Veterans Helps Your Company Save Money – Part 5: Many Veterans Have a Security Clearance

If you recruit for a federal agency, a defense contractor or other company that does business with the government, and you have to fill positions with cleared resources (i.e., people who have security clearances), or people who are “clearable” (capable of obtaining a security clearance), then you are already painfully aware of the cost involved… Read more »