Financial Advice

How Military Service Members Can Best Prepare for the Future NOW

by Jen Hadac, Senior Candidate Recruiter and Conference Event Manager More and more service members are looking to prepare themselves years in advance for their post-military life and these dedicated folks are looking for guidance. If that’s you, we are here to help with an article regarding how military service members can best prepare for… Read more »

Holiday Party

The holidays are a wonderful time of year but can also be really stressful. One of the biggest culprits of that stress is money. Every year, without fail, we hear those around us (often ourselves), complaining and worrying about money. While there are financial surprises we can’t plan for, the holidays should not come as… Read more »

Filing Your Taxes

Filing your taxes can be stressful and confusing. The key to making it manageable is organization and planning. Below are five steps to confidently filing your taxes. The fifth step is the most important as it will make your life easier and less “taxing” in the years to come. Click here to read more.

Achieve Your Goals

I love the start of a new year! It’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months and make plans for the year to come. We get to start from a blank slate; the world is our oyster! Fast-forward a few weeks, or even days, and unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, our New Year’s… Read more »

Hit Your Financial Milestones

During your 40s you may be at the height of your career, which also means your highest earning years. While you are enjoying this success, temptation can be high to increase your lifestyle. You might even feel pulled in many directions by various financial priorities. Here are five financial milestones to strive for by 40… Read more »

Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs

Having a handle on the financial side of your business is incredibly important. An understanding of the numbers can maximize what you earn, protect you and your family and even keep you in business. Dedicate some time to your finances each month and you’ll be more likely to improve your business, reduce stress and avoid… Read more »

Six Things to Do Before You Go Back to School

Going back to school for another degree or designation can provide a great opportunity for forward movement in your career. Here are six things to do before you go back to school so that you put you and your family in the best financial position possible. Click here to learn more.

Retirement is an Important Financial Goal

If retirement is an important financial goal, you will want to understand your options so that you can make informed choices that will work best for you and your life goals. While the transition to a civilian job is very exciting and often stressful, don’t forget to make time to set your retirement accounts up… Read more »

Tax Season is Around the Corner

Now that tax season is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get a better understanding of your tax situation as a member of the active military, transitioning military or as a veteran. Here are some tips to help you minimize your tax obligation this year. Click here to read more.

Create a Sustainable Financial Life

While financial wellness is a large component of our overall wellness, it’s even more important when in a time of transition. These three financial habits will help you start the year off right by helping you build a secure foundation, increase your peace of mind and stay on track for your biggest savings goals. Click… Read more »