Military Career Transition

Employment Opportunities

Broad career options are available to military veterans in two strong industries with bright economic outlooks: energy and construction. Many veterans already possess an advantage in the civilian labor market due to their technical skills, training and leadership experience. Combine these advantages with two industries on the rise, and you have a strong case for… Read more »

Career Transition

According to lexicologists, there are more than 20 alphabets in use in the world today, the most common of them being Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Georgian and Korean. Today, I will introduce you to a new one, the Military to Civilian Career Transition Alphabet. Click here to learn more.

Hire Military Veterans

The staccato pace of emergency customer requests – everything from storm-related home damage to leaking roofs – suits Justin Miller just fine. He’s rolled with demands so easily, that he has steadily been promoted from an entry-level customer service rep. Miller was a Rifleman as a Marine Cpl, and in his civilian career, he has… Read more »

Military Transition

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I was very lucky when I transitioned out last year. I got a job with a great company in an area close to my wife’s family, but I was so worried about getting a job that I didn’t really focus too much on whether I wanted… Read more »

Be in Business for Yourself

When Travis ‘TC’ McNeil retired from active military duty, he had a lot of things to consider. He needed to find a new direction for his career that would allow him to provide for his family. TC and his wife, Shenita, attended a Saladmaster cooking show in the home of a friend. He was very… Read more »

Job Fair Calendar

Job Fairs are an important part of a transitioning service member’s civilian job search. See our list of upcoming job fairs. Click here to read more.

Successful Career Transition

I recently revisited my notes from a “Journalism 101” class I took in college and was reminded of the basics of writing a good news story, particularly the importance of covering the facts surrounding the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the event. I was immediately struck by the realization that these five W’s… Read more »

Veteran Business Owner

United States Air Force Veteran, Mario Rivers, discovered how difficult a niche can be to find. After working in education for 17 years, it was pure happenstance and a colleague’s phone conversation that encouraged him to make the call to Coverall and start the journey of becoming a veteran business owner. Click here to read… Read more »

Becoming a Franchisee

After transitioning out of the military, you may miss some of the intangible aspects of the lifestyle. For example, you may be used to working in a mission-oriented world with others who share a common work ethic as you. You don’t always find that type of culture in the civilian workplace but you can find it… Read more »

High Unemployment Rate for Veterans is a National Concern

James Wilburn understands firsthand the challenges of transitioning from the military to civilian employment. That’s why, as the military academic program director for Georgia Tech Professional Education, he launched the Veterans Education Training and Transition Program (VET2). Click here to read more.