Military Job Seeker Advice

Workplace Talent Offered by Military Personnel

As you read this issue of Military Transition News, you will learn much about the Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for separating military personnel and veterans. You are likely to have – or will soon develop – a strong appreciation for these MVEs, and many of you might choose to obtain employment with one of them…. Read more »

Allstate Military Veterans Associate Agent Insurance Training Program

Service members making a military-to-civilian career transition understand how complicated, competitive and confusing a job search can be. It is why it’s important to explore all options and even some of the programs available to assist in that transition, such as the Allstate Military Veterans Associate Agent Insurance Training Program. Click here to learn more.

Civilian Jobs Most Valuable Employers for Military

Hiring veterans has become more and more commonplace, and many companies are following the trend and/or pursuing veteran hiring to meet government mandates. But’s Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military go above and beyond the expectation level, combining innovative recruiting and retention programs with discrete acts such as care in time of need, or… Read more »

The Key to the Weakness Question

In the upcoming issues of MTN, we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z. This month, we tackle “W” and “X”. Click here to learn more.

Focus on the Fit of the Position

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I’ve been working on my transition plan and trying to zero in on companies that I think are a good fit for me. A friend says that I shouldn’t ignore a job if it’s a good fit just because I don’t like a particular company or industry. What do you think? Am… Read more »

Work with the Priority of Hiring Other Veterans

Jerry Flanagan is the creator of JDog Junk Removal. He is a U.S. Army veteran and served from 1987 to 1989. The JDog movement is currently in six states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Montana and Tennessee, and is actively looking to expand across the country. Click here to read more.

Sales Opportunities Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Starting a new career in a sales capacity might be an excellent choice for many separating military personnel, but most of them shy away from sales. What’s the hesitation? There’s a simple explanation. Click here to learn more.

Find a Comfortable Home in the Healthcare Industry

While the thought of leaving the known for the unknown may cause your heart to palpitate and your blood pressure to rise, you can get a grip on things if you sit back and relax. If you were a betting man or woman, you would want to consider placing your money on the healthcare industry…. Read more »

Transitioning Military Job Seekers Must Network

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I read that Zappos doesn’t even post jobs. Instead they use their employees and social networks to attract potential employees. How many businesses do this and how do I get into a company like Zappos if I don’t know anyone? Click here to read more.

Q&A with J.W. Marriott, Jr.

J.W. Marriott, Jr. is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc., one of the world’s largest lodging companies. Military Transition News caught up with Mr. Marriott and asked him for his advice for transitioning military and veterans. Read full article here.