Military Resumes

Can Soft Skills Make or Break You on a Military Resume?

In an article recently posted on Yahoo! HotJobs entitled, “Six Soft Skills that Could Land you the Job,” Larry Buhl entertains the notion that intangible qualities could give job seekers the competitive edge.So in other words, if there are two equally qualified candidates competing for the same job opening, the candidate who, for example, “works… Read more »

Veteran Job Boards: Another Weapon in Your Arsenal

On January 30, 2009, a veteran posted the following on the transition stories blog on “I ended up paying more than $400 to help find me a job and to no avail. I was now out $400 and no job. So I continued to look on my own… I received a call stating that… Read more »

Change Your Resume Verbs For An Instant Facelift

Want to give your resume an instant facelift? Eliminate the word “responsible” from it entirely. It is used so frequently in military performance evaluations, as well as in job descriptions, postings and resume writing in general, that it has a way of creeping into military resumes. This word is so overused that I’ve made it a rule at… Read more »

One size fits all? Maybe not when it comes to resumes.

I just re-read a back issue of Civilian Job News and was impressed by the comments of George Bernloehr in his Publisher’s letter. What makes George’s comments so important is his perspective. Not only is he a veteran who went through a job search himself many years ago, but he is also the publisher of… Read more »

Guidelines for writing an effective cover letter

Unless you plan to present your resume in person, you will need a concise cover letter to accompany your military resume. The goal of a cover letter is not to rehash the resume, but rather to build rapport and convey interest. You can accomplish this by describing what you know about the company and how… Read more »

Translating military experience – profits vs. budgets recently posted a “Real Transition Story” that accurately reflects a chief concern of many of the transitioning military job seekers I come in contact with on a daily basis. Of particular note is the following comment: “I think the most difficult part of transitioning is putting military experience into civilian terms. Civilians don’t understand… Read more »

Using military performance evaluations in resume writing

When pulling together a winning resume, military performance evaluations make great resources. Provided a relatively successful military career, they are abundant in quantifiable accomplishments, glowing remarks from senior raters, and awards. But they should be just one of many resources you rely upon – not THE resource. Military evals / military fitness reports are snapshots… Read more »

Your security clearance resume

I receive a lot of questions regarding the placement of a security clearance on a military resume.  Many separating military members gain employment in defense contracting where they can utilize their military training.  These jobs typically require background checks.  Therefore, a security clearance becomes a valuable asset.  But increasingly, the medical, telecommunications, security, education, and financial fields… Read more »

NY Times feature: “From the Armed Forces to the Workforce”

The New York Times recently featured an article entitled, “From the Armed Forces to the Workforce” by Eilene Zimmerman, that addresses frequently asked questions regarding military to civilian job searches and resumes.  For example, it answers the questions: Should you work with a recruiter? and How do you translate your military experience into terms that… Read more »

Avoid functional resumes

Hello and welcome to the blog! If you have any questions regarding your military-to-civilian transition, resumes, or your pending civilian career, please feel free to email me and I’ll try to answer some of the questions here on the blog. I recently guest-blogged on Resume Power. The topic was why to avoid functional resumes. Click… Read more »