Military Spouse

Employment Opportunities for Military Spouses

Once upon a time, employment opportunities for military spouses were severely limited. Let’s refer to those times as the dark ages, shall we? Fortunately, that era is over. Thanks to evolving business attitudes, global corporate partnerships and advances in technology, military spouses today have more career enhancing options available to them than ever before. Click… Read more »

Welcome to Your Post-Military Life

Transitioning out of uniform isn’t easy. Whatever your personal style of decision making, one or more of the following strategies may help you along the way. Click here to learn more.

Four Tips For the Former Stay at Home Spouse

As many a stay-at-home spouse will attest, it’s not easy to create a resume when you haven’t been paid for your services for a lengthy period of time. Here are four tips for the former stay-at-home spouse. Click here to read more.

Veterans Are Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Not everyone is cut out to work for someone else. Some of us would prefer to work for ourselves. If self-employment is something that you or your transitioning spouse is contemplating, check out this article.  

Making The Transition From A Military-Related Job To A Civilian One

You may not wear the uniform, but you’re married to it. On top of that, you may work in or around the DOD. That means you can effectively communicate in a world that believes everything should have an acronym ASAP. Can you, however, communicate what you do to those who are not fluent in our… Read more »

Military Transition Process

The deer in the headlights look. It’s seen many times plastered across the fearful face of someone who realizes that the military life he or she has become so accustomed to will soon be ancient history. Whether you are the transitioning service member or the person married to one, you can avoid experiencing the deer… Read more »

Post-Uniform Life

As your family transitions out of the military, circumstances will, of course, be different. Refer to the survival strategies in this article for assistance. One set of worries will ultimately be exchanged for another set and your new normal will feel oddly familiar. Read full article here.

After-The-Military Life

If you’re like most military spouses, or currently transitioning ones, or retiring ones, you’ve been keeping up with the news of late and you’re concerned. Should you crawl back under the covers and hope this is all just a bad dream? Of course not. You do here what you’ve always done that has facilitated your… Read more »

Post-Military Life

Your post-military life can be important to discuss during what we call The Talk. “In the end, the timing of The Talk is irrelevant. The important thing is to have it in the first place and use it as a starting point for making your career transition together a successful one.” It doesn’t have to… Read more »

Military Spouse Job Seeker Challenges

Those “married to the military” will be familiar with numerous military spouse job seeker challenges. Janet Farley addresses how to take on these trials with a number of tips. Periodically self-assess your professional situation. Figure out where you are professionally and determine if that’s where you truly want to be. Too often, as the mobile… Read more »