Military to Civilian Career Coaching

Preparing To Transition From The Battlefield

Today’s veterans are preparing to transition from the battlefield back to civilian life in record numbers. The tools, landscape and resources needed to become competitive and relevant in a civilian job are more challenging than ever. Read full article here.  

Lessons Learned In The Military

Like many students today, Milton Hathaway started his post-college life with nothing but debt and dreams. His life’s ambition was to be financially successful. How did the 28-year retired Lt. Colonel get there? Today, after high-level achievement in the military, banking and industry, he owns Mountaintop Services, Inc., managing a portfolio of businesses ranging from… Read more »

Transportation Industry For A Civilian Career

Read this article to learn why companies, like Schneider National, TMC Transportation, Crete Carrier, and CSX, value military experience. If your wheels are turning about whether there are healthy numbers of jobs in the transportation industry, rest assured: We’re talking thousands. And, it’s not just thousands industry-wide – sometimes; it’s thousands at just one corporation. Click here for full article.

Advanced Preparation Is Key To Any Successful Civilian Interview

Read this article for guidance from our Career Coach on how to assess your own interview. The interview is over. You leave the room and put on a pair of IMVGs – special goggles that allow you to see inside the mind of the interviewer, specifically, the vision you created there during the interview. What… Read more »

Corporate Culture Is Different Than Military Culture

When it comes to business etiquette, knowing the nuances of corporate America will place you ahead of the pack – not just apart from fellow military veterans who are vying for the same job during the interview process, but also among your future civilian colleagues. Read full article here.    

Working To Help Veterans Find Jobs

Each month we will be listing everything a service member needs to know about transitioning, from A to Z. This month, we tackle “G” and “H”. Humor is the best weapon any of us have against the daily grind. Rest assured, there are hundreds of organizations working to help veterans find jobs, but there are… Read more »

After-The-Military Life

If you’re like most military spouses, or currently transitioning ones, or retiring ones, you’ve been keeping up with the news of late and you’re concerned. Should you crawl back under the covers and hope this is all just a bad dream? Of course not. You do here what you’ve always done that has facilitated your… Read more »

Supplemental Education and Training for Military

Whether to pursue supplemental education and training for military is a question many veterans must consider. Do an inventory. List all post-high school formal and informal academic, professional, and technical training. Indicate whether or not courses were completed, degrees were conferred, licenses were issued, certificates were awarded, or requirements were met. “Is additional education appropriate… Read more »

Great Workplaces for Transitioning Veterans

In this article, find information about what to look for when searching for a military-minded employer. What’s encouraging is that not only are there lots of organizations out there that are focused on offering positive work environments, a growing number of them are committed to providing great workplaces for transitioning veterans. She points to several… Read more »

8 Questions Military Job Seekers Should Ask During an Interview

You’ve landed the interview and successfully managed to answer all of the HR manager’s questions when they suddenly turn the tables and ask if you have any questions for them.  After years of working with recruiters and human resource managers, I have found that many military job seekers don’t take advantage of this opportunity to… Read more »