Military to Civilian Career Coaching

A Call to Action: 10 Strategies to Get a Job

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I receive Spotlight, the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches newsletter. In July’s issue, I came across a timely article by Jay Block entitled, “Provide your Clients with an Employment GPS”. In it, Block emphasizes the necessity of a “strategic written employment plan” complete with a highly-structured… Read more »

Offer Letters

The letter of offer is the final step in the interview process. It follows compensation negotiations and signals to both the company and the new employee to cease searching. You can also think of the letter as a tangible form of trust designed to lay out the ground rules and prevent distractions during the pivotal… Read more »

THE “R” WORD – Economic Recession and the Military

Are we in a recession?  Are we headed for one?  Ask enough “experts” and you can get whatever answer you like.  Regardless of the answer, military personnel who are in the separation pipeline or thinking about entering it need to consider the impact of the R word on their job search. I have been through… Read more »

Developing References

If you are interviewing for a job, chances are your references will be called upon to testify to your work performance before an offer is made. On average, employers check three references per candidate, so have at least that many ready and willing to vouch for you. But who should you ask? Generally speaking, the… Read more »

An Assessment Tool for Transitioning Career Seekers

The Professional Association of Resume Writers brought a potential military job search strategy development resource to my attention in their November 2008 newsletter that I would like to share with you. In an article entitled Resources, Diane Burns of Career Marketing Techniques outlines an assessment tool available to career seekers which may be especially helpful… Read more »

Pros and Cons to using a Military Recruiter

Here are two articles that were recently posted on regarding using military recruiters / headhunters. While there is some definite positive advice in there, I have a minor critique regarding the articles. In the first article it recommends only spending 25% of your search time with military recruiters / headhunters. I can tell you… Read more »

Military job seeker “Cyberskeletons”

Here is a good article from contributing editor Janet Farley regarding why to deal with the Cyberskeletons that might be lurking in a military job seeker’s closet. Employers are getting much more savvy about how to search social networking sites and you would hate for a less-than-flattering picture on your myspace page to be the… Read more »