Federal Job (Steps to get a)

Research Federal Job Announcements (Step 3)

Launching a federal job search is daunting. My goal is to take away the mystique surrounding the notoriously complicated application process by arming you with knowledge… after all, knowledge is power. This is a continuation of a series of articles on the steps to landing a federal job – a series I’ve regrettably neglected to… Read more »

Veterans are Missing Out on Benefits

Two years ago, in response to claims that the military was downplaying injuries to cut costs, Congress ordered a review of disputed disability claims. Since then, according to an Associated Press article featured on msnbc.msn.com, only a small percentage of eligible veterans have applied for benefits. Here is an excerpt from the article: As of… Read more »

Federal Job Search Myths Debunked

Articles about writing federal military resumes, federal hiring trends, and landing a federal job have proven to be the most popular among MilitarytoCivilian.com readers and military job seekers who read the leading military transition publication, CivilianJobNews. Because the federal government has thousands of openings, grants hiring preference to most veterans (for more on this see “Federal… Read more »

The White House Launches a Major Veterans Employment Initiative

On November 9th, the White House announced the launch of a new initiative to transform the federal government into the top employer of America’s veterans. A press release from the Office of the Press Secretary cited “repaying our debt for [veterans’] courageous service and selfless sacrifice” and filling the ranks of the federal government with… Read more »

Federal Job Search Tips: Veteran’s Preference

The nation’s largest employer, the federal government, is expected to hire approximately 273,000 new workers over the course of the next three years to satisfy the new Administration’s initiatives and replace its rapidly retiring baby-boomer workforce. With this in mind, and given the current state of the economy, it’s no wonder that many job seekers… Read more »

Department of Labor Announces Grants for Veterans Interested in Green Jobs

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced that 17 grants, totaling more than $7.5 million, will go to approximately 3,000 veterans to help them succeed in veteran employment and civilian careers. The grants are being awarded under the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Workforce Investment Program (VWIP). Read the entire press release. Emphasis will be… Read more »

Providing Career Independence for Returning Vets (as Featured on nwsource.com)

I recently had another opportunity to “guest blog” about military job search tips and resources, this time for Puget Sound area veterans and Seattle-bound military experienced job seekers on “The Hire Ground”, as seen on nwsource.com – a Seattle Times company.  Read the post via permalink.  The Hire Ground offers valuable advice to job seekers of… Read more »

Reviewing the Federal Job Process (Step 2)

After networking, reviewing the federal job process should be your next step in your federal career search. A targeted federal career search is significantly more effective than shots in the dark. Here are a few things to look into before embarking on your journey: Analyze your qualifications to determine your grade or salary level. Learn… Read more »

How networking can land a federal job (Step 1)

“Who you know” does make a difference, even for federal and government contractor jobs.   The first step in landing a Federal Job is networking. A supervisor in an agency of interest is the ultimate contact and here is why: He/she can tell you when they are hiring. He/she can hire you directly, if they have… Read more »