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Preparing To Transition From The Battlefield

Today’s veterans are preparing to transition from the battlefield back to civilian life in record numbers. The tools, landscape and resources needed to become competitive and relevant in a civilian job are more challenging than ever. Read full article here.  

Healthcare Rules for Transitioning Military

Bradley-Morris answers questions from transitioning military job seekers. Q: I am transitioning out in 2014 and I’m confused about the new healthcare laws, specifically the individual shared responsibility provision under the Affordable Care Act. Will I need to carry health insurance immediately on the day I transition out or face a fine? What are the… Read more »

P&G for Transitioning Military

West Point Grad, Bob McDonald, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering in 1975, graduating in the top 2% of his class. Twenty years later, McDonald would head one of the world’s most powerful companies as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Procter & Gamble Company. Veterans provide greater diversity to the… Read more »

Military Personnel and Veterans

The “Top 40 Under 40 Military” – Military Transition News’ list of 40 top performing military personnel and veterans under the age of 40 has been announced.  They are MBA students, entrepreneurs – and even a stone mason – all with a history of service. But they universally share stories of heroics, self-sacrifice and altruism… Read more »

Oil and Gas Industry Companies Recruit Veterans

Rowan Companies is an employer that values military talent. They are one example of how oil and gas industry companies recruit veterans for civilian positions. “Veterans are a great fit for Rowan Companies because they are usually technically skilled, highly-disciplined, take a hands-on approach to getting the job done and often have great international experience,”… Read more »

Transition from Deployment to Employment

As a part of Accenture’s strategy to find talent, they identify and hire former military service personnel.  They recognize the need to help veterans understand the value of a career with Accenture and the tremendous potential it can offer. Our country’s former service women and men have proven their success in challenging and demanding environments,… Read more »

Veterans Start Their Own Franchises

Veterans may find that franchising is an appealing option when transitioning out of the military. “Franchising boasts some amazing statistics, such as more than 300 franchises are sold every week and one in every 12 businesses in the U.S. is a franchise. Franchises also stimulate America’s economy, as they employ more than 18 million Americans… Read more »

Military in the Transportation Industry

This article from Military Transition News takes an in-depth look at why military veterans should consider the transportation industry for a civilian career.  “What do an 18-wheeler truck driver, the general manager of the Denver Regional Transportation District and the Chief Operating Officer of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority have in common? They’re all… Read more »

Military Transition Questions

In his latest article, a military placement specialist / candidate recruiter answers questions from job seekers, including this one: Q: My experience is wide ranging and could fall into several job positions. Do you think I should create more than one military to civilian resume? Read the full response here.

Start Fresh with a Military Spouse Job Search

Everyone needs a fresh start every once and a while – especially when it comes to a job search. Janet Farley offers seven tips to military spouses in this article: 1. Go back to the drawing board. Assess your current strategy and tweak it one degree on either side of the unemployment line. For example,… Read more »