Resume & Interview Tips

Key Interviewing Tips

Below you’ll find key interviewing tips for successful civilian careers. The single most important part of interviewing: Do the job in the interview. Let’s not kid ourselves. An interview is not about what your favorite color is, or what animal you would be if you were one, or a myriad of similar interview questions of… Read more »

How to Prepare a Military Resume

Please review the resume tips below and the examples on the pages that follow. You can also view our Military to Civilian Resume Guidance video. Part one: Follow the guidelines below to help ensure your military resume is going to be read and understood by top employers. Resume Preparation Instructions There are four important features… Read more »

Military Transition Timeline for Working with Recruiting Firms

by Jen Hadac, Senior Candidate Recruiter and Conference Event Manager So you’ve done your research and have decided to include military recruiters in your career search tool belt. Awesome! Now what? I’ve been in your shoes. The whole military-to-civilian transition process can be daunting. It helps to understand the military transition timeline for working with… Read more »

How Military Service Members Can Best Prepare for the Future NOW

by Jen Hadac, Senior Candidate Recruiter and Conference Event Manager More and more service members are looking to prepare themselves years in advance for their post-military life and these dedicated folks are looking for guidance. If that’s you, we are here to help with an article regarding how military service members can best prepare for… Read more »

How to Prepare a Military Resume – Part 2

Follow the guidelines on this page (page 2 of 3) to help ensure the military resumes you prepare are considered by top employers. Sample Military Resumes EDUCATION: This section should go directly under the heading. The first line of your education section should contain the following items: Timeframe you attended college Degree you earned Institution… Read more »

How to Prepare a Military Resume – Part 3

Link to Military Resume Examples Experience Example 1: EXPERIENCE: United States Navy Navigator – USS Frank Cable (AS 40), Guam – 2012 to present Led a team of 12 sailors in the daily navigation, signaling and operations of a forward deployed ship. Safely guided the ship over 23,000 nautical miles and through two of the… Read more »