Bradley-Morris is actively interviewing military officers and enlisted service members with engineering degrees to transition into civilian careers as engineers. After you’ve registered as a job seeker, our team of military-experienced recruiters will evaluate your background and preferences to determine if our services will benefit your civilian job search. Once approved, they will match you with an engineering opportunity where you may be involved in research and development, design, product development, implementation or execution, and work as an individual contributor or as part of a bigger team.

Successful candidates for this role often have the following Military Occupational Specialties:

  • Combat Arms Officers w/BS or MS in Engineering discipline
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Developmental Engineer
  • Nuclear Officer
  • Nuclear Trained Technicians with BS/MS in Engineering discipline
  • Surface Warfare Officer
  • …and more!



Our clients are looking for military candidates who can take on a wide variety of responsibilities! Their openings include, but are not limited to:

1) Chemical Engineer:

  • Develop chemical safety procedures for those working close to possible chemical reactions.
  • Develop new or revise existing chemical substances such as fuels, lubricants or cleaning solvents.
  • Troubleshoot and improve manufacturing processes through the application of chemical systems to avoid corrosion and depletion.

Salary: $70-115k

*A college degree in chemical engineering or a related field may be required.

2) Electrical Engineer:

  • Research and improve electrical instruments and products.
  • Apply principals of electrical theory to solve complex electrical issues.
  • Design and implement the components of electrical devices as well as the devices themselves.

Salary: $70-105k

*A college degree in electrical engineering or a related field may be required.

3) Industrial Engineer:

  • Assess and manage costs, quality control and production rates.
  • Design and implement new manufacturing processes to increase machine/maintenance efficiency.
  • Create strategies to increase production productivity by improving worker staffing, training, scheduling and safety.

Salary: $65-90k

*A college degree in industrial engineering or a related field may be required. Applicant must be open to evening and overnight shifts.

4) Mechanical Engineer:

  • Develop mechanical prototypes and tests to provide relevant data to management.
  • Specify, install and modify equipment to improve mechanical processes and systems.
  • Create new product designs by utilizing established engineering practices and technological tools; these designs should meet customer expectations and government codes and regulations.

Salary: $70-105k

*A college degree in mechanical engineering or a related field may be required. Applicant must be open to traveling, occasional physical labor and various shifts.

5) Nuclear Engineer:

  • Monitor nuclear facilities to identify needed cycle and performance changes, predict effects and assess potential risks.
  • Create reactivity plans and their projected power consumptions through the use of nuclear engineering codes and requirements.
  • Speed up processes, manage technical performance and monitor core application through the utilization of nuclear reactor technologies.

Salary: $70-110k

*A college degree in nuclear engineering or a related field may be required. An average shift usually lasts from 8-12.5 hours and weekends might be required.



  • Atlanta
  • Norfolk
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Boston
  • …and more!


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