What can a Marine Corps Officer do for your company?

No matter their military career field, all Marine Corps Officers learn to lead and areĀ first to fight. A Marine Officer’s character is determined by their ability to spark camaraderie amongst their platoon, make decisions in critical circumstances, and produce the best results when implementing military strategies. Most importantly, their integrity is firmly built on their will to succeed as a unit. This is why a Marine Corps Officer would make a great:

  • Project Manager
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Sales Engineer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Logistics Specialist

The nature and scope of a Marine Officer’s responsibilities are similar to those of the civilian careers listed above. Most will have experience managing a team, solving complex issues, and monitoring imperative processes. Their military background provides them with transferable skills and characteristics they are able to carry into America’s corporate workforce.

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A Marine Corps Officer…

  • Typically spends 4-12 years in service for Junior Officers (O-2 and O-3)
  • Possesses a four-year college degree (a requirement for commission)
  • Improves processes, manages budgets, and evaluates their platoon
  • Manages millions of equipment, weapons, vehicles and electronics
  • Excels at working in a fast-paced environment, decisively leading people, overcoming obstacles, and adapting to change

Military Career Fields:

  • Infantry/Reconnaissance/Force Reconnaissance/MARSOC
  • Armor (Tanks or Amphibious Assault Vehicles)
  • Field Artillery (Long-range Cannons)
  • Combat Engineers
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Logistics/Supply & Motor Transportation
  • Communications
  • Military Police
  • Aviation

Characteristics Gained:

  • Leadership
    • Marine Corps Officer Candidates School Motto: “Ductus Exemplo”; “Leadership by Example”
    • Main Goal: To lead, train, mentor and motivate fellow Marines
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Decisiveness
  • Results-Oriented Mentality

Top 3 Potential Civilian Careers: