Employers are competing for the United States’ most exclusive Military talent – Academy Graduates.

This select group of commissioned officers make up a very small percentage of the military and are thought of as ‘pre-approved candidates’ for high-level positions in America’s workforce. An Academy Graduate’s knowledge coupled with their skill set can make them a top candidate for any leadership, operations, engineering, manufacturing, or sales and business development role.

Application Process

All applicants to our nation’s service academies must go through a rigorous admissions process starting in their junior year of high school. They complete a thorough college application, undergo strict physical screening, and must petition members of the House of Representatives, U.S. Senators, the Vice President, or another high-ranking military member to receive an official nomination before being formally admitted. Service academies also recruit from the best and brightest enlisted members serving on active duty. These top performers work for the privilege of attending an academy to earn their degree and become commissioned officers.

Military Academies

There are five elite U.S. service academies that accept these applicants:

  • U.S. Military Academy (Army)
  • U.S. Naval Academy (Navy/Marine Corps)
  • U.S. Coast Guard Academy (Coast Guard)
  • U.S. Air Force Academy (Air Force)
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (All Active Duty Branches)

These academies provide demanding four-year programs that prepare the next generation of officers, all of whom commit to a minimum required term of military service during their junior year. The programs give them a head-start on their military career, equipping them with the expertise needed to assume key leadership responsibilities immediately after graduation.

Characteristics Gained

  • Intellectual, Military, and Physical Competence
  • Ability to Think Critically and Creatively
  • Ability to Lead and Inspire
  • Ability to Make Sound and Timely Decisions
  • Ability to Communicate and Interact Effectively
  • Drive to Pursue Excellence
  • Technical Aptitude

Post-Military Careers

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Team Leadership
  • Operations and Project Management
  • Production Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Engineering / Engineering Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Maintenance Management
  • Consulting
  • Nuclear Power Leadership

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