What can an IT or Cyber Security Officer do for your company?

In the rapidly growing world of technology, IT Infrastructure, and Cyber Security, our nation’s military leaders in these disciplines are serving in a critical time when operations depend on network connectivity and the need to protect vital information. An IT or Cyber Security Officer can serve in a wide variety of positions. Their experience, education, and credentials supporting enterprise-wide operations will prepare them for leadership roles like:

  • IT Security Program Manager
  • Systems Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Helpdesk Manager

The nature and scope of an IT/Cyber Security Officer’s responsibilities are similar to the civilian careers listed above. They have experience managing a Division (small to large teams of operators and technicians), solving complex issues during high speed operations, planning and executing training programs, and serving as the Senior Adviser to executives on networking or security matters.

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An IT or Cyber Officer…

  • Usually possesses technical degrees in Information Technology or Computer Science
    • The majority will be prepared to enter the civilian workforce with industry certifications
  • May be responsible for their unit’s network infrastructure, connectivity, and communications equipment
    • They oversee systems integrations and upgrades, supervise teams of technicians and administrators, and are responsible for helpdesk operations
  • May serve in Network Operations Centers, being assigned special projects, or monitoring and resolving operational issues in an enterprise environment
  • May be charged with network defense responsibilities to combat cyberspace threats

Military Career Fields:

  • IT Manager
  • Network Operations
  • Network Defense

Characteristics Gained:

  • Ability to multitask
    • Balancing multiple priorities in technically-complex, high-stress environments
  • Problem Solving
  • Technological Aptitude
  • Technical Translation