Are you a Commissioned Officer or Non-Commissioned Officer with your bachelor’s degree looking for a Rotational Leadership Program in corporate America? After you’ve registered as a job seeker, our team of military-experienced recruiters will evaluate your background and preferences to recommend programs that will fit your civilian job search goals.

Once enrolled as an active candidate, our team of military-experienced recruiters and recruiting project managers will connect you with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 employers nationwide. You will be matched with open opportunities based on your availability date to start work, military specialty, and geographic preferences or restrictions. Many of these programs require a large degree of flexibility in these areas, especially the class start date, so our consultants and recruiters will make sure we help you prioritize the right jobs at the right companies to meet your needs.

These programs will expose you to many areas of work with your new employer, following a structured regimen of operations functions, business analysis, logistics, and other necessary disciplines designed to increase your knowledge of the industry and develop your existing professional and managerial skills from the military. These Rotational Leadership Programs position you for advanced roles with more responsibilities within your company.

Our clients are searching for Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers with bachelor’s degrees with the potential to work as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Sales Engineer, Shift Supervisor, and more!

Successful candidates for this role often have the following Military Occupational Specialties:

  • Acquisitions/Contracting
  • Army & Marine Combat Arms Officers
  • Corps of Engineers Officer
  • Nuclear Officer
  • Quartermaster & Supply Officers
  • Special Operations Officer
  • Surface Warfare Officer
  • …and more!



Skills you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Work on cross-functional projects and service assignments with teams to identify areas for process improvement
  • Become familiar with all core operations such as accounting and finance, equipment, environmental health and safety, human resources and training, quality assurance, sales and marketing
  • Utilize previous experiences or expertise to contribute to business goals and meet rotational objectives
  • Act as the internal liaison for company-client relations – providing thorough customer service and strong problem-solving skills
  • Develop product knowledge and expertise, and learn how to manage employees, while shadowing upper management personnel


  • Potential performance bonus
  • Solid benefits package
  • Medical insurance
  • Profit sharing
  • 401k




  • Atlanta
  • Norfolk
  • Dallas
  • San Diego
  • Boston
  • …and more!


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