Bradley-Morris Career College for Candidates

When it comes to military transition resources, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive program than the Bradley-Morris career college. When you first consider transitioning to civilian employment after your military service, you may be unsure how to start. Our goal at Bradley-Morris, Inc. is to provide proven civilian success tips to increase your job-search confidence. In addition to the personalized attention of a Bradley-Morris representative, you’ll have access to a multi-module training curriculum and the Bradley-Morris Career College for Candidates. Bradley-Morris’ Career College is unique in the industry. This program is designed to provide you with the military transition resources, civilian success tips, information and preparation you need to make your perfect career fit.

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See the individual modules of the Career College curriculum below, or go directly to the YouTube playlist.

CC 101 – Your Marketability and Discovering “What’s Out There?”

In this video:

  • Marketability of military personnel
  • Your personal marketability
  • Perceptions and translation of your military experience
  • Civilian equivalents to military jobs
  • Different types of positions and their availability
  • Figuring out what you want to do

CC 201 – Resumes, Interviewing, and Events

In this video:

CC 301 – Site Visits

In this video:

  • Preparing for the next level of interviewing
  • Site visit/Ride-a-long /Day-in-the-field
  • What to expect
  • Scheduling, timing and balancing
  • Reasons for failure

CC 302 – Responding to Job Offers

In this video:

  • Negotiation
  • Decision matrix
  • The offer is on the table – now what?
  • Accepting and declining offers – the RIGHT way

CC 401 – Starting Your New Job and Civilian Career

In this video:

  • Your start date
  • Getting off on the right foot
  • Family considerations
  • Social integration
  • Cultural differences
  • Bumps-in-the-road?
  • Salary and performance reviews
  • When you come back to hire – Becoming a Bradley-Morris client!

Thank you for your time and attention in Career College, we wish you good luck in your civilian career.


Check out Team Transition if you would like more help getting ready for your military-family transition.