Logistics / Distribution Specialist

Many military officers and non-commissioned officers transition into civilian careers as Logistics or Distribution Specialists.

The duties of non-commissioned officers in the military are very similar to logistics/distribution specialists in the civilian world.

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The logistics/distribution specialist is responsible for the monitoring and managing of cost, efficiency, productivity, and all product transfer associated with company distribution and inventory. The candidate will be expected to act as a liaison for company-customer or company-vendor relationships.

Skills that you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Develop work schedules and coordinate all distribution center activities
  • Monitor and develop ways to improve operating costs and material estimates
  • Monitor and resolve all attendance, performance, safety and policy violation issues
  • Ensure the timeliness of approved orders to be shipped and the compliance of carriers with pick-up commitments
  • Maintain an exact count of all inventories and ensure they, along with all equipment, are properly protected against loss or damage
  • Develop operational and procedural changes to improve distribution efficiency and exceed productivity performance

Salary, Benefits and Shift

(varies by location and experience level):

Most logistics/distribution specialist roles have a salary in the $40k-$70k range annually. This figure includes company benefits.

Typically reports to: Regional Operations Manager or Director of Logistics Operations

Similar job titles: Distribution Center Manager/Supervisor; Inventory and Logistics Manager/Supervisor

Recent Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps placements for this position have included:

  • Aviation Electrical
  • Aircraft Hydraulics
  • Maintenance
  • Field Artillery
  • Ordnance
  • Logistics
  • Infantry
  • SWO