Operations Manager/Supervisor

Many military officers and senior NCOs with degrees accept positions into civilian careers as operations managers or operations supervisors. The roles and responsibilities of a junior military officer are similar in scope to operations managers/supervisors in the civilian world. This position is typically the best way to learn about a business and has traditionally served as a springboard for advanced roles with more responsibility. The ideal candidate will usually advance within 6 – 18 months.

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The operations manager/supervisor leads, directs, and coordinates daily service activities. Responsibilities often include training, coaching, and motivating key colleagues within their sector.

Skills you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Drive implementation and continuous improvement
  • Create and maintain a team-oriented working environment
  • Ensure safe, continuous and efficient production of products
  • Ensure products conform to the company’s standard of quality
  • Maintain inventory levels and oversee equipment maintenance
  • Implement tactical initiatives to drive functional excellence and budget achievements
  • Execute local market strategies that complement strategic operating and marketing plans
  • Assure understanding of, and adherence to, company policies and compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by meeting approved customer requirements and delivery dates as defined on purchase orders

Salary, Benefits and Shift

(varies by location and experience level):

Most operations manager roles have a salary in the $65k-$130k range annually. Overtime pay in addition to this base frequently applies; includes company benefits; may include performance bonuses. An average shift can vary from normal business hours to extended or weekend shifts. Applicant should be open to potential relocation.

Typically reports to: General and/or Regional Manager

Similar job titles: Operations Specialist; Operations Leader

Recent Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps placements for this position have included:

  • Special Operations (SEAL/Special Forces)
  • Army / Marine Combat Arms Officers (Infantry, Artillery, Armor, etc.)
  • Aviation Maintenance Officer
  • Logistics Readiness Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Surface Warfare Officer
  • Nuclear Officer