Project Manager

Many military officers transition into civilian careers as project managers as the nature and scope of responsibilities are very similar. A project manager is typically responsible for the planning, procurement and execution of a project and is usually the initial point of contact for the ultimate success of the project as well as any discrepancies or issues. A military officer, like a project manager, will have experience managing a team and will be able to best deploy the expertise of each person on their team as well as direct their essential roles and overall chemistry.

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The project manager is the primary point of contact for an entire project/process from start to finish. The candidate will be expected to act as a liaison between their team and assigned clients or internal departments. They ensure the work is done on time, within budget and in conformance with customer and/or company requirements.

Skills you will bring to the job/typical duties:

  • Assure availability of and allocate resources
  • Identify opportunity through product/process analysis
  • Create, maintain and meet established project schedules
  • Ensure cross-functional commitments and resolve escalations
  • Coordinate and work with manufacturers, vendors and contractors
  • Define, communicate, manage and document scope of each project
  • Coordinate and manage the development of costing and subcontracts
  • Analyze and oversee contractual/legal obligations to customers/vendors/regulatory agencies
  • Negotiate, define, communicate, implement and monitor quality standards on all project deliverables
  • Lead multifunctioned teams including (but not limited to): engineering, sales, marketing, purchasing, quality assurance and vendors
  • Build positive relations with and provide support for clients and/or internal departments and associates

Salary, Benefits and Shift

(varies by location and experience level):

Most project manager roles have a salary in the $80k-$120k range annually. This figure includes company benefits; may include performance bonuses. Applicant should be open to working outside of office hours, traveling and potential relocation.

Typically reports to: General; Regional Manager; VP of Operations; Chief Operations Officer

Similar job titles: Project Coordinator; Project Engineer; Project Supervisor

Recent Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps placements for this position have included:

  • Acquisitions/Contracting
  • Corps of Engineers
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Corps
  • Nuclear Officer
  • Surface Warfare Officer
  • Aviation Officer
  • Logistics
  • Infantry
  • Armor