Powerful High-Volume Hiring Solutions

For high-volume staffing needs, consider Bradley-Morris’ PowerHire® recruiting solution. This customized event is designed exclusively for one employer – in need of mass recruitment solutions. The Bradley-Morris team will handpick candidates to attend a one- or two-day PowerHire event at a location of your choosing.

What are the benefits of a PowerHire®?

  • Bradley-Morris will drive a national recruiting force toward one event; concentrating corporate-wide focus on a single client with immediate hiring needs.
  • Bradley-Morris will produce an agreed upon number of qualified candidates so you and key decision makers can evaluate them all in one place, making timely offers so you meet timeline and numbers quotas.
  • These prescreened candidates demonstrate a higher level of commitment to the role because they have been briefed on all aspects of the position and company, and must travel for the event.

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