OFCCP Compliance Recruiting and Training

Complying with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recruiting guidelines doesn’t have to be difficult. By recruiting military professionals and veterans, you’re not only giving your business a competitive advantage, you’re helping veterans transition to civilian life. The OFCCP has established benchmarks for compliant hiring.

50/50 Standard

Businesses with more than 50 employees, and contracts over $50,000 in government business must comply with these benchmarks. Also, if your company works with a federal contractor who is subject to the 50/50 requirement, you are also subject to these rules.


Interviewing veteran and disabled veteran candidates.

Companies are required to record resources used to achieve percentage benchmarks for veteran and disabled employees. See the latest here. For Bradley-Morris existing clients, our TargetHire® and PowerHire® proactive interviewing services already qualify as one of these resources.

Employees or candidates may self-identify as a veteran or disabled veteran.

Employers request this information before hire and at regular intervals during an employee’s tenure with the company.

For additional information on how to use our services as a resource to meet OFCCP benchmarks, contact us today.