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When it comes to military transition resources, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive program than the Bradley-Morris and RecruitMilitary Team Transition Program. When you and your spouse first consider transitioning to civilian employment after your military service, you may be unsure how to start.

We provide proven civilian success tips to increase your job-search confidence and create a culture of preparedness and awareness across the military community.

Team Transition is unique: this program provides you and your family with the military transition resources, civilian success tips, information and preparation you need to make your perfect career fit and separate smoothly from active duty military service.

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Team Transition

Resume Preparation

In this video:

  • Tailor your resume to a position or skill area of interest
  • Each space on your resume is precious, eliminate redundancies and outline applicable quantifiable information and key words
  • Focus on what resume structure best showcases your skills – frontload sections that best align with the role(s) of interest
  • Showcase key information and accomplishments, while displaying career progression
  • Pay attention to details, tenses, consistencies and grammar

Technical Resumes

In this video:

  • Draw out your specialized technical skills, capture interest quickly
  • Place your most valuable attributes where the reader will see them
  • List sub-systems and explain tools used to do your job
  • Highlight your advanced technical training and military schools

Winning an Interview

In this video:

  • Be likable, while showing that you are competent and qualified for the position
  • Introductions will set the tone of the interview
  • Tailor your experience and Tell Me About Yourself to the position
  • Answer every questions and use the behavioral questions to your advantage
  • Ask strategic questions
  • Close Close Close!

Technical Interview Preparation

In this video:

  • Prepare to focus on your technical skills and training
  • Use the job description to plan your strategy
  • Emphasize hands-on technical experience and systems
  • Review fundamental concepts – the basics

Networking Effectively In-Person

In this video:

  • Around 85% of jobs are found through networking
  • Step out of your comfort zone and build your network, attend events and establish your LinkedIn account
  • Do not hesitate to approach and reach out to professionals

Military Spouse Resources

  • Strategically align gaps in employment while showcasing skills that fit role(s) of interest

  • Speak to your skills, not your transitions or potential to relocate for orders

  • Incorporate techniques to depict your sales aptitude and needs analysis experience

  • Build your network, attend events, and establish your LinkedIn presence

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